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I want to homeschool my children for the most part to control what they are learning and how they are learning. I want them to have a positive learning environment and to enjoy education. I also love the flexibility of the homeschoolers "classroom". Learning happens anywhere and everywhere! I don't feel comfortable allowing the government choose what my child needs and doesn't need to learn.
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I shared this on my Facebook wall.
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Why homeschool? There are many reasons that compelled me to homeschool my children. Probably the clincher for me was so I could nurture their natural love of learning. I could take advantage of an open window when something sparks their interest. We "could chase a rabbit" until we've learned all he or she wants to learn about the new subject and then get back on track. Institutionalized school settings do not have this luxury , and many children either become bored or indifferent and tune out.
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We're just starting our homeschooling journey with my son who will be in Kindergarten next year.  There are many reasons we are choosing to home school but two very important reasons are that I want to keep his love of learning alive and I want to foster close relationships with his younger brother and sister. 

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After witnessing first hand my daughter's love of learning and her ability to learn things way ahead of when they are traditionally taught, I decided homeschooling would be the best option for my children. We also live in a school district that is notorious for failing their students academically so when faced with the options homeschool is the winner hands down.

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To give my child the opportunity to be who he is and nurture his innate love of learning.

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I'd love to homeschool my older son (almost 3) for pre-K since I can't afford the Waldorf program near us and want to have a bigger role in his education.  I am a middle school teacher in a charter school but am curious to learn more about educating younger children.

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also shared on my FB wall!

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We home school so that we can individualize our children's learning. I love the special time connecting each day with them.

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Why Homeschool?


I like the closeness its giving my 8 year old and me. It's giving us a chance to rebuild our relationship, rather than being torn apart by the drama of teacher tattling on his ADHD symptoms. I like that we can spend an entire day devoted to math instead of 20 minutes and then it has to be over, leaving him confused and stressed. I like that we get to do fun things too and he gets to enjoy our lives with us, not just the few most exhausting hours of the day before bed. I love that he is proud of himself for what he is accomplishing, instead of being caught up on what he isn't. 
That's why we home school. 

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Homeschooling allows children to learn how they want to learn, at their speed and focus on subjects that excite them. Learning at home is both more exciting and less stressful than at school. Homeschooling puts the power where it's supposed to be, with the child.

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Shared on facebook too!

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Our children are doing well and i don't want them to end up behind or not seen as important because the teachers don't need to "help" them to get to 'passing' some random test.

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shared on facebook!

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Because the world is too fabulous to go to the same place and do the same things with the same people each and every day of childhood. Oak Meadow is fabulous as it offers flexibility along with that needed routine. 

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Why homeschool?

I think it is important for parents to have a hands on approach to their children's learning

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My special needs son gets the most out of one-on-one instruction doing homeschool.
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Homeschooling gives a child the chance to bloom naturally. My oldest that was homeschooled will be graduating from college this year! She has a wonderful ability to relate to all people... Not just her age group.
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