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Help! Please read

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So this is my question.... I was on birth control for a long time (5 years) I have been off of it for 7 months, and for the last 4 months my periods have been right on time every month. My last period was December 15-22 (they always last that long) me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant and as of today my period is three days late. Monday (January 14) I did a pregnancy test at night and it came back negitive. I did thid because I thought I was having pregnancy symptoms, sleepy, nauseous at weird times of the day for no reason, sore boobs but not sore nipples and crampy here and there. After Monday when the test came back negitive I was upset and then wondered where my period was if I am not pregnant. Tuesday 22nd I noticed when I went to get into the showers brown spots in my underwear (hooray my period is here I thought yay we can try again next month) to my surprise the rest of my period never came and all I saw of that period was the few spots in my underwear so what's next..... Any ideas...many thing you guys have in mind will help I am getting so let down every month and now that my period is this late I am starting to wonder what's going on and if I will ever be able to get pregnant. I'm 23 and the one thing in the whole wide world that I turely want is to be a mommy to some beautiful babies.... Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond!!
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Have you tried getting a blood test? Also some people skip periods because of stress of hormonal imbalances.
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U haven't yet I was going to wait a few days but I still have no period. It came for Just a day and it was just a few spots and it was gone.
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Thank you it's so frustrating!!! All I want to do is cry everyone around me is pregnant and here I am lol
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I wouldn't wait for a year, I would call my OB doctor and talk with a nurse about what's going on, and maybe go in for an appointment to make sure it's nothing else. It is always a good idea to go to your doctor before TTC, they need to make sure everything is healthy. Also, I took birth control for many, many years as well and when I got off it I had no problems with my period.
Keep your head up and try not to be too stressed about getting prego... You are still very young and it will happen! Sometimes all u Need is time...
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Yeah I get my yearly and everything has been good every year smile.gif thank you for your help smile.gif
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I hear it can take two years
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