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Statistics? Is This Legit?

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After being frustrated about the care I had been receiving, I said something to the extent of "Why is it so hard for me to just have a baby?!?" My friend asked what I was talking about, and I told her how hesitant the OBs I had been seeing had seemed about my VBACing. She said', "Oh, they were going to let my friend have a VBAC!" I asked her if she was successful, and she said, "No. She was going to, but the baby got stuck."


If I remember correctly (and I may not), "stuck baby" was a common, but not always valid, reason for "needing" a c-section, which if correct, would be just another reason why I want/need to switch providers, if a stuck baby isn't valid. I understand there are circumstances in which babies can get stuck, but I thought a lot of times it could be resolved with change of position.


Can anyone tell me statistics of "stuck" babies, and/or if that is a legit reason for needing a c-section?

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"Stuck" isn't really a diagnosis. I'm not really sure what you mean, so it's going to be hard to give you any stats. Maybe you mean "failure to progress"? As in the mother is not dilating or pushing her baby out on the timeline the doctor thinks is appropriate?
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Never mind. I guess she said the *Doctor* got *sick* which is why she didn't get to have VBAC, and there were no other practicing doctors in town at the hospital she was going to...? Which sounds even *more* peculiar to me...


And the doctor that was sick came in, but she didn't want to be there all day/night, so she did a c-section, instead. Which to me, brings up red flag, kind of. Like, the on call doctor is sick, but doing c-sections? Maybe it's because I'm a germaphobe, but that makes me *very* uncomfortable. Wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't they have one of the other doctors cover the sick one? (There's four in the practice.) Maybe I'm just being too picky, but the more I hear, the more I don't like.

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my way or the highway, its sad when adults play that game.  Some people never grow up.  Especially disappointing when they are doctors that you expect so much more from (but, we're all human).  I was told I had to ahve a CS or leave the hospital grounds (seriously!), which is wildly inaccurate but when you're in labor, you're not thinking clearly, and sadly a few rotten apples take advantage of that.  It just makes it that much harder to get good VBAC stats.  Alot of hospitals are trying to improve thier VBAC rates, they just have to fight incidents like this on top of government / insurance issues.  

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