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Sudden pain?

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I was just in a meeting and experienced a sudden wave of very painful cramps, followed by nausea and a hot flash that left me red and sweating. It took a few minutes to pass, but I'm okay now. A bit dizzy, but okay.


Has this happened to anyone else out there?


I'm 18 weeks today. I'm back in my own office and drinking water, gonna try and find a place to lay down or put my feet up for a bit and just see how things go.

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Oh goodness!  That sounds alarming.  I don't have experience with this but I was just talking w/ a friend in her 3rd trimester.  It sounds like you were over-heated and dehydrated.  And it may have been a Braxton-Hicks combined with the other two factors.  It sounds like you are on the same page for how to recover and feel better.  Hang in there!

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Sounds like what happens to me if I'm not hydrated enough. Maybe sneak some electrolytes in if you can also. The contracting happens for me whenever anything is 'off' in my body - it's awesome. :P

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I have bouts of cramping, then hot flashes occasionally and typically have diarrhea shortly there after.  Not sure what to make of it, but I've noticed it happens about once a week.  Hope you've recovered by now though and if not call you care provider and ask for advice, that IS what they are for mama :)

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Could also be something you ate. I realized pretty early in pregnancy that I cannot eat polenta or grits - bad cramping, diarrhea. And hot flashes could easily go along with a food reaction.
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It was definitely like a very bad menstrual cramp that came and went like a strong wave. Having never had a contraction before, I am reluctant to call it anything other than "a cramp".... but I/we do wonder.  The nurse I spoke to yesterday said I should not take this lightly, but I should not panic or be afraid-- just take it easy and pay attention to my body. So far no bleeding, no other leaking, and no repeated pains/contractions.... so that's a pretty good sign. And I have felt some movement, too, which is reassuring. Kinda felt like the baby was saying "Hey Mom, you ok? I'm ok!"


I have not been sleeping well, so I was pretty exhausted and dehydrated yesterday....  I arranged to work from home today so I could sleep in and take it easy. And now to ease into a nice long weekend....


Thank you all for chiming in.

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I woke up to pee at 5 am and was experiencing right lower quadrant pain.  It hurts the most when I go from sitting to standing, and standing to sitting.  I've sneezed a few times and can feel the pain.  I'm not sure what to make of it.  I haven't experienced round ligament pain yet, so I'm not sure if this is it, but it is only on the right side.  My temp is 99.4 but I sometimes run higher than normal....  

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JNajla, the round ligament pain is apparent with a good sneeze.  The only way I've learned to alleviate it is if I can bend over (if standing) or bring my knees up (if lying or sitting) just before the sneeze comes over me.  If I'm upright or extended during the sneeze ... YEOWCH!!  The round ligament pain is sharp and stabby.  Fortunately it does not persist and fades w/n a few seconds.

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Is round ligament pain bilateral, or can it be on just one side?  This started about 5 am and I can still feel it.  I feel fine just sitting here, but then when I stand up, ouch.  Then I sit back down and its ok.  Strange.  I called the clinic, just to make sure they weren't worried about my appendix (I highly doubt that is the issue).  

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Round ligament pain can be just on one side. Supposedly it is eased (but also started!) by changing positions. Glad you called the clinic just to be sure. Weird random pains are so unnerving!   greensad.gif  

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Thanks sweethuck!  The clinic didn't seem concerned.  They want to run a urinalysis to make sure I don't have a UTI (because of the low grade fever).  Otherwise I feel fine.  I am starting to feel it on the left side now too.  It is probably round ligament pain.  I think that baby is having a growth spurt because I'm sporting a baby bump all of a sudden now  :)

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sweethuck how have you been feeling? I Had a similar experience a couple weeks back. The pains lasted through the night and a couple times in the morning and early afternoon. I talked to my midwives and there was some concern of early labor. That was however the end of it. I didn't' get them again and nothing else happened. I think you are doing the right thing. Keeping an eye on it and not getting too upset. I got a bit upset :) i also thought I had a uti which can cause early labor. I took it extra easy for a while got tested for a uti (all clear) and things settled down. I've noticed now though that if I am dehydrated or having digestion problems that the braxton hicks seem more painful. 

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Thanks for checking in, Littlegreenlady. I've not had more of those crazy cramp/contractions things.... but it was definitely a sobering moment. You are right--- there's not much to do other than pay attention, take care of yourself as you would normally do, and just relax.


In spite of the weird bout of pain, I've not changed my routine much. I was doing a little jogging on the treadmill at the gym, but I've switched to just walking just to be totally safe. Still trying to push more fluids. I've been experiencing a spike of morning sickness (I thought I was done with that!) but I think is probably a good sign. I have also felt lots of movement since then --  strong enough for my husband to feel with his hand just gently on my belly. Also a very good sign. :)


Gonna keep on baking!

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