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A pleasant surprise

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I was just going over the info package I got at my last midwife appointment. There's a very clear, easy to follow chart on what to expect in the first few weeks of nursing (frequency of nursing, number of wet and poopy diapers, etc.). At the bottom of the page is the following:

"Breast milk is all the food baby needs for the first six months - At six months of age begin introducing solid foods while continuing to breastfeed until age two or older. (WHO, UNICEF, Canadian Pediatric society) "

When I had DD in early 2011, everything I read said EBF to six months, then add solids and continue to nurse until 12 months or longer. It's so nice to see age two in writing! I feel like full term breastfeeding/CLW is not as much of a "fringe" movement and that people are starting to take it more seriously. I'd honestly love to NIP with 21 month old DD but she cut way back with this pregnancy. Hopefully once baby comes, she will pick up the pace again. I'd love to tandem in public and support other toddler mamas who may feel like they need to hide it.

Just thought I'd share; it made my day. joy.gif
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Yup--nursing to age two was in the literature about infant nutrition that Health Canada sent me. Nice!

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