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Help choosing a travel high chair

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We need a travel high chair for DD who is currently 8 months old.  Mostly for when we travel to the UK and visit with my family but also for visits with the in-laws here.  She will probably be 11 months next time we travel to the UK.


I didn't realize there were so many to choose from, we need something that folds away as small as possible, we already pack the car to the roof when we go to the UK.  I'm not sure how important it is to have a built in tray.  As this is our first babe I don't know how long a child needs to use a high chair or whether a tray is really necessary when infrequently visiting family or is it going to be a huge pain if she can't reach her plate but is too little to reach the table?


Most of them have three point safety belts, only a few of them have 5 point.  Up until what age do they NEED a 5 point?  Is there an age where a 5 point drives them crazy and then they don't want to go in it?  So far I'm considering these models...


Beaba inflatable chair booster


This still retails in our local baby shop for 50euro, I can get one second hand for 15euro.  It folds away into a small, flat, neat pouch, no tray, 5 point harness.  Because it's a booster without a tray I don't think there would be room for her legs to then slide under most tables.


Something like this...


Same as above but 5 point harness and a little uglier redface.gif


Lima travel high chair


These look very sturdy but a bit too expensive I think


Hook on


I don't like the idea of her hanging from a table and I don't think you can use them over a certain weight, also not sure if it would fit on all tables


Sack n Seat


Hmm doesn't look very supportive, babe sitting really low at the table then


Fisher price booster


Sturdy but chunky to carry along


You also have a type that looks like a ladder that hooks onto a chair but I think they are only recommended for bigger babes and they are quite big when they are folded up.



Oh my days, so many choices for a noob like me, does any one have any tips which would be the handiest and best value for money IE that we would be able to use the longest.  Hardly any of them say from which weight/size to which weight/size is recommended...

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Can the people you visit regularly borrow one from someone?  That's usually what I did when visiting relatives (someone always seemed to know someone who had one I could use for a few weeks), so I didn't have to bring so much stuff with me.  Total lifesaver!

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Well that would be the best solution but I don't think we know anyone, plus we then eat at different peoples houses so we would still have to drag it around.  Also I need to get something to use at in-laws here...

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