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Flu shot?

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I had a flu shot on Tuesday at 4.5 weeks pregnant. I started spotting immediately after - on the way out of the dr office I stopped in the bathroom and had started spotting. I spotted with mild cramping all day Tuesday. Wed. I was fine - no cramps, no spotting. Today I am cramping stronger with more spotting and some small clots. neg HPT this morning.

Is the flu shot causing me to miscarry?

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I can't say if it did or didn't. All I know is that doctors tell us to stay away from drugs/chemicals while pregnant and especially at such a crucial and fragile time as the first trimester yet they allow the flu vaccine which is full of chemicals that pass into our blood stream. I hope that everything is ok with you and the baby. Lots of us have been spotting starting at 4 weeks. I would suggest that you see someone to make sure everything is ok.
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I'm not sure. My HPT's were all SUPER light and I could barely interpret them over the weekend, til i finally got a digital and it said pregnant, twice 72 hours apart. But I guess my levels could have been hovering around 25-50 and just never got going, regardless of the flu shot. I was taking so many meds the full 2 weeks post Ov for various conditions that might have affected it (we hadn't been actively trying). Now HcG is 7, progest is 0.2. m/c is in full swing. so it's over this time.


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Sorry to hear that. :-( sometimes we never know why a miscarriage happens. Don't blame yourself. Do you think you will try again soon or just see what happens?
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I'm very sorry this is happening. I have heard of it before. It's very sad.

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So sorry. 

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So sorry. 

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I am so sorry .
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So sorry. ((Hugs))
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