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Winter Babywearing!

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I made a blog to help troubleshoot some winter babywearing issues I had when i was getting going.


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I saw this post heading, and must share my absolute best purchase...the "M Coat".  Canadian made, good for pregnancy and post baby, but best of all, wear it over your baby--so baby just goes in your carrier wth regular clothes on, doesn't need to be all bundled up, and when you get to where you're going, no unbundling required.  Plus, super warm, super stylish, best jacket EVER.  (No, I have no affiliation with the company, haha, but I do recommend it to every mama!!!)  Expensive, but worth it it, or find it used.



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Some great info, thanks for sharing.

My kid also hates getting bundled up, but we've found a solution that works very well for babies that aren't walking yet ... I dress him like normal (onesie, pants, socks) and put a fleece sweatshirt on him and a winter hat. Then I dress normally as well and put him in the Ergo, put my warm winter jacket on and leave it unzipped, then tie our thick, warm waterproof cover over the Ergo, tuck his feet into the pocket and off we go. Our shared body heat keeps us both toasty, his hands are nestled at my sides and stay super warm and when we reach our destination I take off my jacket and the cover and he can stay asleep in the Ergo. (Or whatever carrier I'm using.)
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MIrandaM what kind of waterproof cover do you use? We got a Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover but we have to wear it over our neck and it pulls. I've been on the lookout for a weather proof cover that isn't carrier specific.

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I agree about the M-Coat being the best option for the winter weather.  You can zip baby in and both be very cozy.  The jacket is super warm and stylish and turns into a regular coat when you are finished with baby wearing.  You can also turn the zippered flap the other way and wear it as a maternity coat if you have another baby.  Great value if you look at it that way.  They are on sale right now at [Admin Note: Link removed as promotion of commercial links is not permitted]. Check it out.

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