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how to teach/learn patience?

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I need ideas for teaching my son patience and perseverence. He gets frustrated so quickly some times. And I end up doing things for him simply to end the whining because I haven't much patience myself. We both need to work on this. Any ideas?


I was also thinking this thread could just be a generalized how to teach/learn patience thread.

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I think I need an example to really understand what you are looking for.

In general, I let my son leave a task, then after he's calmer, bring it up again. So he can't get the lego dog look like the picture. After he's calmer, I'll ask if it matters that the dog is all one color, or if it could have spots (if the problem was not enough red blocks). So then he can know it's ok to walk away from something to regroup and go back. I do that myself. My son knows that if I quit working on something, chances are I'll go back to finish it. It's not always necessary to work straight through to the end. Taking a break is just taking a break.

Doing something for him I avoid, unless he was doing something for me, and the end result is critical (time sensitive, or has to be a certain way). Only then will I take over. And I explain why, too.

Hope this helps. If not, give an example, please.
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Well he's 3 and when he's frustrated he gives up on something on the first try. He declares he "can't do it" and proceeds to throw something, roll around on the floor, or sulk. I know it's very common behavior but I also know he is very capable of trying again. I'm just looking for ideas on ways to motivate that in him. And I'm really just talking about times when he gives up on something I know he can do, something he's done plenty of times in the past. Basically, I want to encourage more consistency in his patience and more regularity in his moods.
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Subbing because this sounds EXACTLY like my 3.5 year old daughter and I find it so frustrating!!
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I've recently noticed an improvement in my own patience. I am eating with a look at how inflammatory each food is, to help a physical issue, and my patience increased as a side benefit. Hope this helps!! Nutritiondata.com has good info.
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