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REALLY natural, safe anti-aging skincare?

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I'll be 30 next week and my skin looks like crap.  The texture is bad and I have way more fine lines than I am ok with.  I have never had great skin and I think that genetics play a part (my mom's skin is not aging well).  I eat well, do my best to drink plenty of water, try to remember my fish oil and vitamins.  I wash with honey and moisturize with coconut oil and this seems to be the best thing right now for daily care. I do the occasional clay mask.   I'm pregnant so I especially need to be careful (though i really try to avoid chemicals anyhow).

Are there really any safe yet effective anti-aging options that aren't a chemical concoction? 

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Have you looked into NYR Organic? 20 year old organic line from the U.K. Highly rated and extremely safe as far as I know

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CoBabyMaker, unfortunately, I don't have an answer for this, but I'm glad you posted because I'm looking for the same thing.  Hope some people reply!

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Also wondering the same thing. I have been using the oil cleansing method with coconut oil/castor oil for a few years now.  I'm starting to notice fine lines.

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Subbing for info!

I am a great lover of coconut oil. Use it on my hair, face and body, for scars and moisturizing. I would love a good fce cream though, for the 40 plus woman. Yup...that's me :)

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I am creeping up towards 40-ish and I have pretty great skin.  Or at least I think so...haha


Here's my routine:


CLEANSING (at least once daily)

Bronner's Baby Mild Soap

Occasionally OCM, castor oil only as olive doesn't seem strong enough to me


TONING (rarely)

all-natural witch hazel, alcohol-free or else my face turns red and burns for hours


MOISTURIZING (after every cleansing)

jojoba or argan oil or combo of both applied to wet skin



sugar, maybe with a few drops of oil mixed in or sometimes just plain sugar


MASKS (maybe once a month)

raw honey

Redmond clay/water


TREATMENTS (as needed)


fresh mashed strawberries and/or pineapple for all over

spot treatments are lavender oil or if it's a really deep one (I only break out now and then during AF) I will rub on some Earthpaste


WRINKLES (nightly)

Castor oil applied with a q-tip just along the lines  (I just discovered this recently after googling "natural wrinkle treatment".  It made a huge difference after one night, which shouldn't surprise me bc one night of castor oil packs on my heel spurs stops the pain for months.)


I wear only AlimaPure makeup and don't always wash it off before bed.  It never makes me break out to leave it on and usually I wake up way less oily than if I had no powder on at all.


If I had a money tree in my backyard, I would splurge on Purity Cosmetics brand.  Their stuff is the bomb!

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I only know what works for me and it's a product line that is totally natural. This one doesn't tell fibs. It's Karen's Botanicals and if you want I can tell you where to get it. Not sure if that's permitted since I just joined the group.

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