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Lawyer for Vaccine Exemption

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I am going to also post to this group, has anyone used Attorney Patricia Finn in regards to a religious waiver for NYC public school? Or any school for that matter. I created my letter after much research day year and it was accepted at preschool. Now that we are in process of registering for K, I am nervous about my letter and want help/support/legal backing. I found her name from a Mom on this site, but would live to hear a success story from someone who has used her. She is charging me $950. TIA
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I have not used this attorney but I have used Gary Krasner. With his help, I wrote a religious exemption letter which was approved in Long Island. He does charge a fee ( $100 I think) but he's totally worth it IMO. I would speak to Gary first before you shell out all that money for this attorney.

Gary Krasner, Director
Coalition For Informed Choice
188-34 87th Drive, suite 4B
Holliswood, NY 11423

Good luck!
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