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My now 2 month old used to be very fussy, colicky, stomach cramps for the first month. But she had yellow, seedy stools. Then I cut out dairy completely and her symptoms improved a lot. For protein, I started eating an egg everyday and also my prenatal multivitamin (Natures bounty). Now for past 2 weeks, she's had dark green or yellow-green poops instead of mustard yellow. They are also mucousy and also had 3 diapers with little blood streaks in them. Doc is not too worried about green, mucousy poop but said to call if there is consistent blood. I read somewhere that green means irritation to the intestines, is that so? I exclusively pump BM so it is not too much foremillk problem. I am wondering now if I should cut off the eggs or the multivitamin (it has fish oil in it)?