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Beeswax candles

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Hi I have read these boards for a long time and always learn something new when I do but I have never posted. I would like to buy some beeswax candles to have on hand for power outages. I am looking for suggestions on which types to buy (pillar,votive,etc) as well as where to buy them. I have tried to find some locally and have not been successful. Any recommendations?

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I was hoping this was a thread about making beeswax candles. I did that as a young teen, and loved it. Have you googled beeswax candles?
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I did but didn't really find much on what type is better for different uses. I would want something that we can use for lighting in the dark in case of a power outage. We have been out for up to 2 weeks before and we have heat, water and cooking covered. I do have a couple of old kerosene lamps but don't care for the smell. If there are some available online that anyone has experience with I would appreciate it as well. Thanks!


I am interested in making beeswax candles as well. Something to plan to experiment in the future I think!

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Quick googling has revealed the following :

Catholic stores sell beeswax candles (sometimes used in conjunction with food blessings at Easter)

Michael's Crafts (and possibly Joann Fabrics and Crafts) sell beeswax sheets to roll your own.

Also, you can make your own in jars. This might be best for power outages.

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