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Placenta Previa

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I woke up yesterday morning thinking I had honestly peed on myself only to discover my PJs and sheets were absolutely soaked with blood.  A quick ultrasound revealed a healthy 14wk baby with a wonderful heart beat, but a complete placenta previa.  Not marginal or partial - but dead across the cervix.  I  know it's very early and the uterus has a ton of growing to do, but I can't help but worry as I know most low-lying and partial previas resolve, but the cervix is right in the middle with 1/2 the placenta to the L and 1/2 to the R - a complete previa.  They expect me to bleed off and on for the duration of pregnancy but they are hopeful it will move. 


I just feel slightly disheartened, not to mention terrified of a cesarean.  I had a cesarean in 2008 and a VBAC in 2010 and of course was planning a 2nd VBAC.  In fact, because of the lack of good VBAC support locally I'm traveling 125 miles one way to see a caring provider and deliver at a wonderful hospital.  I'm just hoping it moves up and things can go as planned.

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Oh this is a lot to deal with, I haven't been through placenta previa but I know a bit about trying to protect that VBAC chance.  I will pray that this does work itself out in a way where baby is healthy and delivery is the easiest for you too ((hugs))

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Aw, hugs mama, that must have been a frightening experience. I don't have any experience with placenta previa either but totally understand your concerns and will keep everything crossed that the placenta moves well before delivery.

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That must have been so scary! Glad baby is okay! I'll be hoping for you too that it moves. I did read recently somewhere that a vaginal birth could still be possible even with a partial previa. Unfortunately, I don't remember where.
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So sorry to hear this mama!!  Keep thinking positive thoughts, but at the same time prepare yourself mentally for whatever may occur.  As much as I would like to tell you a complete previa will move, it's just not common.  A partial, yes, but complete is less likely, but you seem to be well versed with this as well.  Good thoughts and positive vibes coming your way mama and I understand traveling far for a good provider!

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Oh my! How scary! i am so sorry you went through that! Are you on bedrest now? 

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very scary! My honest feelings on the C-Section vs vaginal is that as long as the baby is safe and the mommy is safe, then you are doing the right thing!

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I totally agree - if this remains a true previa I will without a doubt have a c/s and not think twice as the safety of my sweet little one is predominant, I'd just LIKE to avoid it at all costs because I'll have *3* children to take care of during recovery and I'm terrified of epidural/spinals and the surgery itself.  My section with my daughter was after a failed induction due to HELLP syndrome and I had a horrible recovery physically and mentally....  I had a horrible healing time (nearly 12 weeks), incision had to be reopened and packed, ect...  I also had horrible PPD and PTSD (though I don't believe that would reoccur with a known, scheduled cesarean).  Not to mention this isn't our last baby and in our area - VBA2C is rare, rare, rare (well, VBAC itself is rare....) and that will be a horrible fight for another vaginal delivery.... 



I just pray like crazy the placenta will move up....  The OB I saw seemed hopeful and in his opinion gives it a 75% chance of moving enough to allow a vaginal delivery. He said the textbooks reveal that only 10% of complete previas will remain over the cervix at term, so I'm trying to be 'cautiously hopeful'.



And indeed - the experience was terrifying....  I had a SCH with my 1st pregnancy and had minor bleeding and spotting until it resolved, but I've never experienced bleeding like that - it was at least triple my typical period flow and was enough to soak my PJ's and sheets from the time I woke up to pee at 4am til we got up at 7:30am.  I was absolutely sure we had lost this little one and had already started mentally preparing to tell my 4yr old that the baby had passed.  When the ultrasound tech confirmed a heartbeat and previa I sobbed.



I am not on bedrest or even pelvic rest per the OB - he actually just told me to continue as normal providing I felt comfortable with that and to slow down, take it easy, and rest when/if the bleeding started again.

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I am so glad the babe is okay but so sorry you had to/have to go through such a scary experience! I, too, have high hopes it will resolve itself.
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Thinking of you! Glad you got good care right away. Keep us posted. 

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So scary :-/ Glad your baby is kicking around in there, and I'll add my crossed fingers that that placenta moves!

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Wow, he seems very optimistic and that's AWESOME!!  I totally understand how you feel too, after L was born by emergency c-section at 33+5 I too had PPD and PTSD and even though I had delivered our daughter before her at term, stillborn, I didn't experience PPD after she passed.  There's something about the situation that just sucks.


I'll keep thinking positive thoughts for you because 75% is a GREAT number!!

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Thank you all!  75% is a great number and while there's still a worry in my mind, I'm confident it will move.  If it doesn't, we'll cross that bridge later.  I'm actually VERY happy he gave me a 75% chance - this is an OB who is not VBAC supportive *at all*....  I'm seeing a practice 2.5hrs away from VBAC support and to deliver at a wonderful hospital but I still keep this practice on the back burner for 'emergencies' such as this since it's only 40 minutes from me.  So having him give that kind of odds when he's given inflated VBAC risks, ect was shocking!

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How have you been feeling? I have a low lying placenta as well. They are hopeful it will not block cervix, but I also found out today that we are expecting TWINS! oops.gif So.....we will see! This is baby 8 and baby 9.....and I feel like I am starting all over! lol Bleeding is scary! I have bleed 3 times and went to ER today....hence the news. orngbiggrin.gif

PS That avatar is my just turned 2 year old!!! lol I haven't been around in a while. Have to update my siggy! joy.gif
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OMG, bleeding would be so scary.  You also don't want to the placenta on your c-section scar (increades chance of hemorage), so hope it doesn't move that direction. 

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Oh my goodness! That sounds so terrifying! So glad to hear that the baby is ok and that the doctor is optimistic! Hoping and praying that the placenta will move and you're able to get your vbac again!!
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Yikes. That's scary! All that blood..

Its nice the doctor is optimistic, and you have a great attitude!

Picture that placenta moving up, away from your scar and into your fundus. Placentas are probably the most amazing thing ever. If it doesn't move, I trust the placenta knows where it needs to be for whatever reason. Seriously, they have like a mind of their own and the only reason they exist is to grow and protect that baby. It knows what its doing. (I know I must sound like some crazy placenta lately, but I've had a run of some really bizarre placentas, and time and time again, it does what it needs to do to grow the baby!)

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I'm 16+3 and placenta has moved ALMOST all the way off the cervix already!!!!
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Originally Posted by cinderella08 View Post

I'm 16+3 and placenta has moved ALMOST all the way off the cervix already!!!!

WooHoo!!  great news!!

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