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Hi there. I'm new to this but need advice from someone who has walked in my shoes. I had my 2nd mirena put it at 4 yrs (around march 2011- had the first one put it nov 08) b/c it would have lapsed the 5 yr mark while I was deployed, I'm active duty military. I never had a single problem with it and had maybe 2 periods in 6 years. I had mirena removed in July 2012 and still have not had a regular period. My periods are super super light, like panty liner only, and last 1-2 days. What's going on? Is this normal? I tried to get a referral to my obgyn (standard procedures from our health care) from my units medic and she refused me. She told me I should wait a year before being concerned. A year? Is that really necessary? I'm not sure whys going on with my body and we are ttc. Help.
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