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Napping with baby #2...

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Hi there! So my first son just turned 3 and my second son just turned 6 months. 1st son was a very alert baby and is a very active child now. 1st son still takes one nap a day (thank goodness), however he needs me in there with him to fall asleep and wakes up after an hour and again needs my assistance to fall back asleep, every single day:) My 2nd son is following in his footsteps by being very alert and advanced. He has been crawling since five months and is pulling up on everything now at six months. 2nd son also needs lots of work to fall asleep and stay asleep. I use an Ergo baby carrier to get him to sleep, he nurses while I walk in a dark room with a loud sound machine. This is the only way my little guys would fall asleep. My baby, like clockwork awakes after 45 minutes and needs assistance falling back to sleep, that is if I can get him back to sleep. 1st son eventually could be strolled to sleep and I am just about to try with 2nd son. HOWEVER... If I have the baby asleep in the Ergo, my 3 year old is starting to act out. Not to mention I feel awful putting him off while I work ever so hard to keep the baby asleep. 1st son was an all night nurser and so is 2 nd son. Both have huge heads and are very very alert and aware of surroundings. Both possibly gifted, my husband and I are both gifted. I would appreciate any input from anyone who had babies who needed extra attention in the sleep department. We bed-share, my husband sleeps with the three year old and I sleep with baby. I can't quite get the baby to nurse to sleep without motion during the day. And because of high-alertness it is hard to have baby sleep anywhere but in a dark, sound machine filled room. Again, anything you can share with me is completely appreciated! What did you do with 1st child if 2nd child needs you to sleep? ( I am able to get baby to sleep in ergo then get three year old to sleep and sneak out of his room at nap time, can you imagine what my days are like? Haha!)
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I am not sure if this would help since my DD1 is 5 and not 3 but here is what I do. I lay down with DD2 (who is 2) for an hour for her nap. While I do that I have DD1 play quietly in her room and I set an alarm for her. When the alarm goes off she can come and wake me up and we can have some one on one time. I am not sure if your 3 yo is old enough for this but it works for us. Maybe just 20 minutes or a half an hour, long enough to get the youngest down to sleep in a dark room? I know not everyone likes videos but it may help occupy him too during that time and give you a little more peace and quiet. Sometimes a mama's got to do what a mama's got to do.winky.gif

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I only have one child but she was similar with sleep and activity as a baby and now as well. No advice but sympathy.


Have you considered posting this question over in the 'parenting the gifted child' forum? Sleep comes up fairly often there and you might receive some helpful advice. 

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If I were you I'd try and get baby used to nursing to sleep in bed. If you don't co-sleep fine but I know for me, my daughter will fall asleep side lying nursing for naps and prefers her crib for bedtime. I lay down with my daughter and my son will come in there and quietly play with his iPod or cars(he's 4) and if he's tired will fall asleep but most says he's fine without a nap. That way you are laying with both kids while they're falling asleep and can get up and get a couple things done. Maybe if they're in your bed together they'll stay asleep? Worth a try!
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No advice, but lots and lots of sympathy, here. I take care of my 6mo nephew a few days a week and getting him down for a nap when my 15mo son is ready to play? Almost impossible. I've resorted to calling it "snack time" and sitting my son in his high chair with a little snack, some water, and turning on Blue's Clues hide.gif. Otherwise he screams and bangs on the door and no nap for the little one.

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I had the same problem with my 2 who are 2 yrs., 8 months apart and was never really able to resolve it. Sometimes my son would fall asleep in the car, or my husband could try and work from home and watch our daughter while I put my son down. Now that my daughter is 5 she can often ( but not always!) be quiet while I try to put my son down but he doesn't nap much anymore. I have heard some people have had luck with audio stories. That was really hit or miss for us but I thought it was a good idea.
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