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need ideas..

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What are some good foods to get and  quick meals to make if you want to go sugar free, dairy free, meat free, and low carb?                I am on a budget, but I want to eat healthier. 

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I wouldn't say I'm necessarily low-carb so I might not be that much help. I do focus on whole grain carbs and avoid high glycemic refined carbs. Here are some things we enjoy. We are plant-based and whole food oriented so eat lots of veggies and whole grains. We don't eat dairy or eggs.

Lots of beans. We love them all and love chili. We probably have chili almost every week. I love adding a couple of handfuls of cashews in my chili right before serving. We also eat lots of bean soups. I especially love black bean soup.

I make bean burritos nearly every week. We have brown rice or quinoa with them but that may not be low carb. esp. with the tortilla.

We have at least one stir fry a week. I like tofu, brocolli, and mushrooms especially.

We eat lots of lentils in soups and lentil loaf.

I make lots of Indian curries with chick peas. My older kids joke that our house always smells like an Indian restaurant.

We also do spaghetti once a week usually with either grilled eggplant or zucchini or tofu. I use whole grain pasta but that is definately not low carb.

Hopefully some others will have better low carb options for you.
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