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homebirth or not

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So... I have had two home births and two hospital births, all 4 were great births.  We just assumed I would have this one a homebirth too. I have not really talked with DH about how seriously I am considering not doing a homebirth though. He would prefer I not, but really knows it is my vote. He has made several bribes trying to joke me out of doing one.  But on a serious note.  When I was selling the idea to him 7 years ago that homebirth was safe, I said it was about active risk management, and if you risked out, you did not homebirth. that homebirth was safe because you did not 'get' to homebirth if you risked out.  Well, one theme in the last three births has been how stressful it gets right at the end when I go long, or my iron levels get too low, or I go long (did I mention I go long?) The last birth I risked out the day I had the baby.  It was not awesome at that time(but turned out all roses) Anyway.  I am babbling as I consider that if I just planned on having my baby at NHB, I would not have to worry about if I would get dumped or harassed at the tail end. I would not be 38 weeks, 40 weeks, 42 weeks- SO pregnant and dealing with not having the care provider I thought I had.  Constantly balancing risk management. I am healthy as a horse. Seriously the best shape of my life. I do birth well, I kick ass at pregnancy and labor, I do this well.   The only reason DH does not want me to do NHB (naval hospital) is he knows darned well I would just not tell him I was having the baby and just have it myself unassisted at home. That is why he wants to hire the midwife instead of doing NHB, because he knows the team will come hold his hand when I try to sneak away and be left alone so I can have my baby in peace.

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it sounds to me that you need another homebirth caregiver option.  I work with a homebirth midwife, and this is not the way a midwife treats her clients.

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