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Your moodswings and powerful emotions

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I wanted to talk about this.  Anyone experiencing moodswings?  I'd say this is my most intense pregnancy symptom actually.  Sometimes I just get to feeling so DOWN and hopeless and anxious....like just really really sad.  Certain things that people do that didn't used to bother me before REALLY get to me.   I feel pretty emotional about everything, especially my pregnancy.  The fact I don't even FEEL pregnant yet seems to send me into a tailspin of depression. 


Am I the only one dealing with extremely powerful emotions? 

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I would have said no ... until the other day I had a complete meltdown over the fact that my husband wanted to split one of the two things we'd packed for lunch (we work at the same place, so we eat together), instead of letting me have all of it and him taking the other thing we'd brought. It was only when I was just about to cry that I realized just how stupid the whole thing was.

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Here too.

My 15 yo stepson, who lives with mom m-f, had a friend sleepover this weekend. Sat it was a balmy 40 deg and I decided we ALL needed to get out of the house so I suggested a day in the canyon. We spent hours there and the guys (my hubby inc) tracked and hunted each other while I waled our dogs and played with the baby.

we had an great day.

Well sunday I actually begged my hubby to feed the baby breakfast because I was so exhausted. I slept the two extra hours and it was his naptime and I ended up nursing him to sleep and getting another hour. yea for sundays!

I get up and it looks like a bomb went off in the livingroom where the boys played video games all night. then all of a sudden my husband says the friend needs to go home. ok, well he has them do NOTHING to clean up, I was going to go with them for the ride and I  told all of them that it wasn't fair. there needed to be accountibility in the house. I decided not to go so I could get the house back in order. I'm glad it was an hour and a half trip to get them home and back because I was sooo mad. Like mad to the point where I wanted to tell him to look for a place so he and the boy could do whatever they wanted to.

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