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3 across in an 05 corolla -- thinking ahead

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I'm thinking forward, trying to find the best seats that will both fit 3 across and serve us as long as possible. 


We have an 05 Corolla.  My kids will be weeks away from 6.5,  and close to 4 when the new baby comes in August. 


I've been thinking about a narrow high back booster (turbobooster?), FF radian, and either a RF radian or coccoro for the baby.


The radian seems like an economical choice for the baby, being that it will last nearly forever, while it seems that the coccoro won't last much past age 2.  But the coccoro would probably fit better in the car RF and might even be a better fit for the infant, right?  With our current Evenflo triumph advance RF, I occasionally find that someone else has sat in the passenger seat and adjusted it back (not supposed to touch).  So even though I usually sit there, or it's empty, I see how this could be an issue.  Is there a safety issue for the adult in front being so close to the airbag if the radian causes the front seat to in the most forward position?


Let's suppose we go with the coccoro.  What are my options when it's outgrown?  I still need a seat that can fit 3 across, and would prefer that one is RF.  Do I move a just turned 6 yo to a booster and use the radian RF with the angle adjuster?  Any other ideas?


Even if we have a bigger car by then, someone will need a new seat.  Would you get a booster for the just turned 6 yo, or a new convertible for the baby?

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Just to clarify: what car seats do you currently own?  How big (height/weight) are your 6 and 3 year olds?

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Currently, we own 2 EFTAs, with expiry dates of 12/13 and 12/15.  DD1 is about 42 lbs, 45 in.  She's been spot-on 50th percentile for 3 yrs running.  DD2 is about 30 lb, 37 in, also close to 50th percentile. 


At birth they were both a bit under 6.5 lbs, and a bit over 19 in, and closer to the 25th percentile for the first year or two.

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Mine fit the Coccoro until 2 RF (36 inches) and then FF for longer (though we passed it down to the baby). I love the tiny footprint and it really fits a newborn well.

RF radian needs a lot of front to back room to be properly reclined. You would have to have in in the middle.


I would do a FF Radian for the four year old. high back narrow booster for the 6 year old and a Coccoro for the baby. Once baby is out of the Coccoro Radian for her.him, booster for the now 4 year old, who would be at least 6. Turbobooster seems to be the narrowest easy to find booster.


We will be doing something similar with a 5, 2, and newborn in August, but keeping my two year RF if I can in the Coccoro.

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