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sicky mc sicksters

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Anyone else with sick kids?


First we got the flu right after Christmas and it was longly drawn out and exhausting (having sick kids + not feeling good yourself = worse than anything..) now for the past week we got a tummy bug! If I see one more crappy Netflix cartoon or wash and clean the sheets one more time I'm going to loose it!


Sick kid momma support thread? 

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Ummm, yes!!! Story of my life right now., its awful! First a bad sinus infection, them the flu, then pneumonia, then another stomach bug... Add to that the fact that my husband and I got sick with both the kids each and every time, one emergency gallbladder removal, and one ER trip for extreme dehydration, and I'm DONE!!! I hope you and yours are on the mend!!!
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Us too! The kids got the flu after New Years, then I had a very bad cold. Then they both had stomach bugs, then some more colds and now we're back to stomach bugs this week. Now I am sick with a stomach bug. I am tired of washing vomit out of sheets and poop out of laundry!
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Yes, so much that I asked the principle at the last PTA meeting how many days we can miss before we hear from the truancy officer. We had influenza b this fall, a very bad cold w cough after the holidays and last week viral pink eye. I'm ready for the sun to come out and burn away all these germs.

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I have a girlfriend who had one in the hospital just before Christmas with pneumonia and the twin is in the hospital with it right now.  My own household has been faring well, but we homeschool and to some extent it benefits us to be able to rest a bit if we're fighting something off.  We still get exposed (we're out and about a LOT) but still.  And we have been fighting off more than usual this year.

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I am so done. Done, done, done. This winter hasn't been any worse then others. My kids tend to get sick all the freaking time. Well, mainly just one kid with has health problems but then she passes it to everyone else. As a family of 6, one bug can take two weeks to cycle through everyone and then by then by the end of it, someone else has brought home another one. We've been sick nonstop since New Year's. At least one person down every single day since. Some weird virus thing that lasted weeks, followed by a stomach bug, followed by RSV for all the littles. It's been 1.5 weeks since the last kid got sick but she is still so weak that we can't go out. She has been on nebs around the clock, we are just getting down to a couple times a day now. And then this week all my kids are off school for some winter break! So excited to still have everyone home even though just about everyone is well now. 

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It's been awhile since I posted.


Sorry to hear we are all in the same (germ ridden) boat! We actually had a few weeks where everything went hunky dory and we were getting back into our rhythm (and going out into the world..) and now we are snotty all over. We never got sick and I used to (secretly) gloat but this winter is making me wish I had bite my tongue! I can't wait for spring! 

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Dd first got sick in the first week of Dec. It hasn't stopped since. She seems to have had everything possible - high fevers, strep throat, ear ache, wheezing, cough, nose bleeds, one bout of vomiting, severe constipation and finally, flu.

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And now I'm sick...again!
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