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Parents should be entitled to substantial protected workplace paid time off to care for their infants. While the US does protect up to 12 weeks unpaid leave with the use of FMLA it does not guarantee any form of pay, which is essential in most families to take advantage of time off to raise their children.

Below is a list of the amount of time in weeks of paid leave protected by other governments after the birth or adoption of a child.

Canada: 50

Norway: 44

Italy: 22

United Kingdom: 20

Denmark: 18

Venezuela: 18

France: 16

Spain: 16

Netherlands: 16

Germany: 14

Japan: 14

Mexico: 12

South Africa: 12

Pakistan: 12

US: 0 (that's ZERO!!)

There is something wrong with this picture! If we are a nation that claims family values are important to us, let's prove it.