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Sensing you could go early and being right?

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I am 25 weeks and am sure on my dates of conception and they have also been verified by U/S. BUT I have been feeling about a month further along as far as how I usually feel at different weeks in my pregnancies. About a week ago I had some sort of hormone shift or something. All I wanted to do was eat a lot of pizza all at one sitting and then sleep for 4 hours, and repeat for 2 days, then I got a few pimples, my boobs have been sore again and had a growth spurt, and then the morning sickness and nasty taste/metallic taste in my mouth started.  Since then, it seems like my symptoms and over all pregnancy has jumped forward a month. I feel more like 28-29 weeks along. I'm measuring right on track for 25 weeks and have had steady weight gain of 1-1.5 lbs per week, although this last week I haven't gained anything.


Has anyone experienced or known anyone who felt further along by this much and gone early? I have been thinking I should start planning as if my due date is 3 weeks earlier but I don't want the final stretch of pregnancy to feel twice as long if I am wrong.

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I don't know if "Every pregnancy is different" is what you're looking for, but that's pretty much what I'm thinking reading your post. With different pregnancies, it's normal for moms to have symptoms/feelings at different stages. 

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Well, 37 weeks is a perfectly valid due range birthday. Prepare as if it could happen early, but keep a later date in mind more realistically so it won't drive you crazy if you go anytime within 5 weeks past that.

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I felt that I would go early and I did. Actually, 36 weeks. It was fine though. One 3.5lb baby boy, all set for staying at home and breastfeeding. Now at 12 weeks, he's 9.5lbs.


(6th child - experience played a part in that)

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I am just curious about this because even things like my hair shedding really bad, which always happens in my 3rd trimester after my hairs grow a TON in my 2nd, and being more tired again,etc. is going on. But I suppose it doesn't really matter because baby will come when she wants.

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I was in the same boat this last pregnancy! Convinced LO was coming at least 3 weeks before his due date. Had symptoms fairly early the entire pregnancy. Weeks of prodromal labor at the end and my little guy showed 5 days after his due date smile.gif so, like all things in pregnancy it can really go either way! I tried to keep the "he will come when he is ready" mindset and it really helped me in those last few weeks
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I do my best to keep myself in complete denial as to when the baby is coming.  My due date with the last one was early December and I was telling everyone mid-December.  On the other hand, I am a big believer in being prepared, so we had bought everything by 33 or 34 weeks.  Then, when he came at 36 weeks (and 6 lbs) we were ready, though I was still in denial up until the urge to push hit.  Funniest part of that story was that we were at a Halloween party for my church and an older gentleman who had been a nurse up until he retired asked when I was due.  I said December and he shook his head, wide-eyed, and said, "You're not going to make it.  I'd give you two weeks, tops."  I was indignant and ever-so-slightly offended.  And then my son was born eleven days later.  So yeah, keep a far-out due date in mind (it really does save the sanity), but be prepared.

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