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8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge 7.0 (enrolling through Feb. 6, starts Feb. 4) - Page 9

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Let's get this over with :)


I was hoping to lose at least 1 this week, but I stayed the same, 217.   I was down in the middle of the week, but AF showed up and I'm going to blame her.  I did manage to get my mile swim done this morning despite AF, so I'm thankful for small achievements!


Onward to next week!

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I weighed myself two minutes ago and already forgot. I'll go with 155.6. I think it may have beena few tenths lower, but I'll err on the conservative side.
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132.6 biggrinbounce.gif

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A loss of one pound, but Im just grumpy with myself.


I started this challenge with such a positive attitude, and such motivation. DH and I have been fighting, nursing has been a huge challenge, and I just feel like pigging out all the time. 

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136 this morning.  love.gif

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142.6 today.

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157.1 lb

that's only a 0.5 lb loss

i'll take it !!!!

hoping to do better next week, my eating has not been stellar this past week & not so much active ....

(71.3 kg or 11 st. 3)

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Omg! I totally forgot to update last week! But alas, no loss either week. Still 149 greensad.gif. I just can't seem to stay on the wagon.
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wow that's great can u share what your modified eating habit has been? 

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Keep up the good work ladies!  Daylight Savings time kicks in here in the United States this weekend so that means more light in the evening. I want to get out and walk more.  What exercise change up will spring bring for you?


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Oh man... these past 3 days or so have been hell. DBF brought home a cold and it has spread throughout the household. Ugh... so I started to drink more juices and teas, eat more veggies, fruits, and soups with some carbs, and not exercising for more sleep. I haven't counted my carbs because my head hurts so much, I didn't even want to count anymore...so I just ate whatever was healthy and available. I'm afraid of going on the scale now. greensad.gif


Anyways, to change up my exercise routine, I have liked my routine but I need to do more weight lifting. My arms need toning. lol. I think the Beachbody company didn't realize that the schedule I am doing doesn't have much weight lifting in it. I might have to do a modified schedule that works for me.

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I'm sorry I forgot to update last Monday. I had been at 150 after moving the scale to a flatter part of the bathroom floor. I did start reading a diet book called "Shred" and was down to about 145 by day 3 - I figure it's all water weight. I've been off the diet for half of today due to being out when I didn't plan to be out. Tomorrow we'll be travelling and I don't know what to do about the food. I had a great-aunt die today AND came home to find that one of our hens is missing, presumably dead as well. I'm hoping that she'll show up tomorrow because she tried to hide from the other chickens (up and coming rooster chasing the girls around getting ready to challenge the head roo) a few days ago. I will update my weight on Monday to see if I'm at least stable.

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Well, a new day, a new weigh in which is 250.6 for me.

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am desappointed .... but then i had a rather hard week and my eating has not been so good

so not too surprising that i put back on 1.5 pounds .....

my next doctor appointment is in 10 days only

not sure i'll be able to get below 70 kg .... (154 lb)

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I'm at 216. Down another pound!   I had a tricky start to the week, AF + cold + DD2's birthday, so I'm happy that I was able to recover instead of giving in for the rest of the week.

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155.2 this week. Not as good as I hoped, but okay. I don't know if I exercised at all last week....
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142.6 again this week, sorry team.

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178.5 This morning happy that I'm finally losing some pounds after being stuck at 185 the first few weeks...smile.gif

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greensad.gif *sigh* 134.8.


*hangs head in shame*


I swear, anytime I get sick...I pack on the pounds. Oh well, this week is another week.

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