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8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge 7.0 (enrolling through Feb. 6, starts Feb. 4) - Page 11

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thanks for the encouragement !

i did better on Sunday food wise + was un expectedly offered a ride to the swimming pool so had a good work out in the afternoon


today i'm back to where i was 2 weeks ago, 100 grams less even when calculating in kg, so am rather pleased

(except that i doubt i'll loose 1.2 kg in 3 and a half days .... my appointment is on Thursday)


at least i'm more in touch with how i feel when i eat this or that

and i can see now that over the weeks, i HAVE lost weight so it's encouraging


156.9 lb

(71.2 kg or 11 stones 2 .... i need to revise maths when i count weight the english way LOL, it's 20 per cent of 14 pounds, not 2 pounds or 2 ounces or whatever .... am glad i can find answers to my questions so easily with the internet ...)

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As expected, I have maintained 216 this week.  I'd love to get over this on/off cycle, but it seems it is what my body want.


Nice work, IsaFrench and Lilacvioletiris!

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It's so hard to stick to this diet! It's hard to remember to eat at the right times and then to STOP eating! Also, making a lot of different veggies, soups and dairy-free smoothies is taking a lot of time. *sigh* Must push onward!

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170.6! With some effort I hope to post in the 160's next week. There is a lot of good progress being made here! I'm definitely more motivated because of the accountability. This week I'm going to transition my de-stressing beverage from wine to herbal tea. When I have a really hard shift I really want alcohol but I know that is not a healthy outlet for stress.
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I will take that one pound lost. Woot. lol. smile.gif


So, I set my alarm to go off at 6:00 but instead it went off at 7:30 this morning. banghead.gif

It's the only time I can exercise before I go off to school so I guess I have another day off from exercising. Until tomorrow! lol. I made sure to fix my alarm this time. 

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It looks very motivating, can't wait to do it in April! I'm gonna have to get a scale though :P

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135. smile.gif
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151.4. I'm pleased, but surprised. I've been sticking like glue to the Whole30, but I still don't quite feel like I deserve it, kwim?
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My weigh in for today is 175..... Went  jogging on Saturday. Challenging myself to go jogging during  this week..... smile.gif

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141.6 this morning finally headed in the right direction.

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I missed monday again!  my low tech days off the computer really doesn't help me stick to posting...

166.6 this week.

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Well here is how this weeks challenge has shaped up.


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thanks for updating the table .... does this challenge indeed finish this coming Monday ?

i didn't make it (my loss goal) at my medical appointment yesterday & now have another 5 weeks to work on a 6 to 7 pounds loss ...  my next appointment with that doctor is on the last Monday of April.

I have a swimming costume and two bras that i'll be able to wear as soon as i shed a few more pounds ... hoping NOT to lapse in between challenges !!!!!!

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Yep, this challenge ends today and I will create the 8th challenge as soon as I post my weight.


My abdomen feels really full of ovary and follicles. I will have my egg retrieval this week either Wednesday or Thursday. My weight is 250 pounds.

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Here is version 8.0 of the weight loss challenge if anyone would like to continue on with their weight loss journey.



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170.4 this morning. Great luck with your egg retrieval Lilacvioletiris!! Thanks for your efforts on the thread as well.
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I'm down another 2 this week, 214.


Thank you so much for organizing this.  Even though I don't post a ton, it has been encouraging to have the accountability!  I'll be joining 8.0!

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149.4 today! Proud of myself, and excited for the next challenge. Thank you for the time and energy you put into this, Lilacvioletiris!
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170 This morning.... Weight loss challenge 7.0 was absolutely a great way to stay on track... Thanks for the encouragement when I was on the verge of giving up... Looking forward to version 8.0 of the weight loss challenge... 

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