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Chicken pox anyone?

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I am in the Portland area and am looking for a chicken pox "party".  If anyone knows of chicken pox going around in Portland or surrounding area, I would love to expose my son. 


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If you end up finding a pox party let me know and I will do the same, I hear it 's good for the adults too.  Helps us keep the shingles away:) Enjoy!!

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Will do!  Hope that someone sees this and comments! :)

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Me too! I'm interested in a pox party. I'm in Seattle area but can travel.

Necessary to inform people and act quickly because the "window" of contagiousness only lasts a few days.

Please let me know!

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try searching face book there are pages that may help you find what you are looking for " pox party" brought up a few pages

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I have not heard a WHISPER about Chicken Pox in a long while...post it on your facebook!!

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Neither have I!  I was hoping that someone on here had some info! :)

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I would also like to find some pox to expose my 2- and 3-year-olds to this year.  In Gresham but will drive for the germs!  kid.gif

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I'm also looking for a pox party. We went to one at my NDs house 15 days ago and ended up not getting it. ;-(

So, we are looking again. 

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How do u know if it is pox. My 11 yr old who had 1 dose of the vaccination long time ago has a rash on chest back and neck but just upper area of theses regions. Her temp is 99.6. I don't know anyone with pox. We live in Vancouver. Text me and I will send u pics. Not itchy yet. 3 6 0 9 3 1 5 9 2 5
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Doesn't look to be pox after all. Sorry. It has turned out to be maybe an allergic reaction.
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