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Last night on my way home from a birthday dinner I felt a pain like a menstrual cramp. Since getting my mom from the airport this evening I've been having dull back pains, more intense BH and some pains that seem loke they could be my cervix making some kind of small change... :-s
Then again I'm aware that this could be the new norm for the next however-many weeks! I don't wanna be in prodromal limbo for a long time... Gma is here now baby, feel free to come on out!
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I had some nice crampy back contractions last night, too, then they ended!

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I'm feeling a bit more at peace with a couple more weeks of pregnancy today - probably because its nice outside, my kids are being good, we're going to play outside later, we had a picnic lunch on the deck and an early valentines party with our homeschool buddies..  i have lots of things on my to-do list to keep me busy (grocery shopping, making bread, cleaning, laundry)

still ready, but feeling so much more zen please let me keep feeling this way.. at least for a couple days..


i can't believe i'm stiting here considering walking to the grocery store with all the kids (20 min walk, each way)  ..  hmm.. its so warm.... but what if i get stuck there and can't get back..

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I am also feeling a bit more at peace... 39 weeks today!! saw my MW this morning and we had some really great conversation that cleared up a lot of things for me that were worrying me (this will be the first time I go into labor completely on my own!) and she said based on my "symptoms" I am in the home stretch and it should only be another week or so until BABY!! I can do this for another week or so.. She also gave me a lot of great ideas for the older boys during labor.. I like to have a "plan" for every scenario, and I was really worried about middle of the night labor (in case DS2 wakes up in the middle of it).. but now that we pretty much have a plan for each possibility, and our BIG plan is to play everything by ear and see how it goes (with in-laws around the corner to come get the kids when we need them to), I am just feeling SO much better about everything.


And the sun is out, and it is almost 50 degrees! Woo hoo!!

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i too am accepting another week to 2 week sentence and can handle it today.  in fact, the pelvic pain has eased today (head farther up?), no BH, and suddenly i feel lighter and less flushed and crazy.  


midwife tomorrow.  


i think it's helped that my to-do list has involved laying down as much as possible.  and husband let me sleep so much yesterday.  the more sleep, the easier this all is!  he's on his way to NYC wednesday, so here's for surviving that day!

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I am still feeling ready... I am hoping for sometime in the week or weekend (not sunday, don't want this baby to share a bday with his cousin).  


I cleaned my house today and mopped the floors on my hands and knees.  My mom has been playing with the girls, so that has been really nice.  She is leaving soon, so I am taking some down time so I will be ready to play again when she leaves.

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I am thinking another 1-2 weeks here too. I have a secret fantasy that baby will come on Sunday or sooner as I hit the big 3-0 in exactly one week. But if he/she doesn't I dont think it will be too much longer.

I thought the fatigue couldn't get any worse but I am so. Very. Tired. I have been taking 1.5-2 Hr naps which is nice but not very practical with our lifestyle. I seem to get deeper sleep during the naps than at night now so maybe that's the reason? Other than that just joining the waiting game... There's sure to be more babies this week! Glad everyone is feeling more peaceful this week.
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Originally Posted by Gillmoro View Post

I am thinking another 1-2 weeks here too. I have a secret fantasy that baby will come on Sunday or sooner as I hit the big 3-0 in exactly one week. But if he/she doesn't I dont think it will be too much longer.

I'll be 30 on Wednesday!  Maybe we'll have some babies for our birthdays thumb.gif

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anyone who's got a birthday coming up, let me know and i'll aim for it!  biggrinbounce.gif


my sister is Jan 31st (missed the 25th), my MIL is Feb 6th, her dad was Feb 4th, and my BIL is Feb 15th.


and i'm certain this baby will have a birthday.  sometime.  

at this rate, i'm gonna be through a few dumb TV series (and a few more educational ones to watch w/ the kids- we got through the Blue Planet over the holidays, then the Life of Mammals, now into The Life of Birds- all great and on Netflix).


this is the sleepiest i've ever been- and the fact that i can sleep a solid 12 hours at night, and then doze and nap for 30 min- 2 hours every day is really impressive.  no, wait.  I did this w/ my first.  i just happened to be in grad school, so i slept a lot more and wasn't responsible for so many people!  just finals.... and i slept a lot through those weeks......my dog was great and joined me.  we'd sleep on the couch in the sunshine all day, then take short walks on the frozen beach, and go home and sleep some more.  never mind.  it's normal, just really really intense!!!orngbiggrin.gif

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I'm still feeling fine with this baby where it is but I would really like to shave my legs without having contrax from leaning over. The stubble is itchy and I eventually cave in and get the job done. But then I'm out of breath getting out of the shower.

Monistat is taking care of my YI but now I'm thinking I may have some degree of systemic candida going on and might have to do the oral treatment after the birth. Ugh. I guess I'll wait and see how my body is doing after the birth and just focus on getting my vagina and labia healed up for now. Symptoms are way better now with only some minor irritation on my perineum.

We are having good weather now, too, but I've still been too lazy to get out with the kids much. DH spent both his weekend days home and has been great about playing with them and getting things done around here but also just resting and hanging out.
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Glad you're feeling better down there, odinsmama!


I have some bdays to aim for, too. Today was the first (his Bubbie's) but I guess that's not happening. So we have the 3rd (a cousin) and the 4th (an aunt).

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DH's birthday is on Friday but he's made it a rule that she's not allowed to be born on that day... as if I have a choice in the matter.

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This baby's guess date is actually my mom's birthday- February 13th! My mom isn't peeved at all that she could possibly have to "share" her birthday and I think it'd be really sweet for them to have their own special day together. My husband and I live so far away from all of our family and friends that it'll be nice to have that little connection, I think. 




We're Catholic, so we have our own special February dates and feast days that we prefer, though. The 13th is actually the first day of Lent, so it'd be SUPER if baby came before then so we could all enjoy plenty of good food, drink, and merriment to celebrate! My husband's birthday is in March and always falls during the Great Fast, so he spent his childhood feeling bummed about missing out on cake and other goodies. We've been trying to convince baby to make her debut on February 7th or 8th, as those dates perfectly fit with my husband's med school schedule, my mom's visit, and is before the Great Fast. We shall see how obedient of a daughter we have. wink1.gif

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My due date with DS2 was my mom's bday, but he came 2 weeks beforehand. She was a little bummed! My kids did some sort of magical gymnastics to avoid sharing a bday with a family member because we have SO MANY birthdays in June/July/August.

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