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Help Me Eat?

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I've been sick as heck since Thursday. Fever between 101 and 102, energy drained, aches and pains, coughing up crud and vomiting. I haven't eaten much since then, I think maybe 2 sandwiches and a tiny bit of chicken. Between coughing and getting sick, and no energy, I either don't feel hungry, or nothing goes down, it gets stuck in my throat. I tried soup, but too salty. A lot of stuff gets caught in my throat, so can't swallow it. I've been drinking Gatorade, so getting some calories, but I really feel like the baby is eating me alive, and using the little calories I am taking in, and I think that's part of the reason I'm not getting better.


Any ideas on what/how to eat, or at least get more calories?

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Have you considered trying ensure or a similar meal-replacement shake? Its probably better than nothing.
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Try coconut, almond or rice milks?  Herb teas spiked with molasses, honey, & minerals?  


Got a juicer?  Juice bar nearby?  A shot of wheat grass goes a long way.


Any raw milk sources around?

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How about smoothies? Do you have a blender? Full fat yogurt. ( or nonfat if your tummy can't take the regular stuff), bananas, frozen fruit, juice... You can get a lot of good calories in a smoothie, and it should go down easier and not get sticking your throat.
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If liquid is the only thing you can get down, all I can think of is soup, broths, smoothies, liquid meals (like ensure), pudding, jello, or similar.

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If you make smoothies though, I recommend not using any dairy. If its hard to swallow and it feels like its getting stuck, dairy will only make it worse. Try making the smoothie with fruit juice, frozen fruit, and peanut butter. Or add some protein powder and coconut oil, get some good fats in there.

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a soup of potaotes helps me through the day you should try that
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