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Hi! My daughter is 6 months old and I struggled with PPD most of that time.  At one point I feel like I was losing touch with reality and all I can say is it is still a struggle but is getting better.  I refer to those as "dark times" The things that went thru my mind and still do if I allow it were crazy!!!  I was having panic attacks because of my thoughts. I remember laying next to my daughter at night worried sick I was going to harm her while she slept n the list goes on. Thank GOD I am coming out of this but not there yet!!  If there is anyone who needs to talk on a private level..please email me at I AM not a doctor but just a sounding board.  There are many things I went thru I will not share on public forums.  I will not judge only ask the same from you.  By the way I am completely in love with my daughter and this has only made us closer:)