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Where do you buy maternity clothes?

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So, my shirts are getting too small.  Last two pregnancies I bought my stuff at Old Navy, but their selection is really bad right now.  Where do you ladies shop for maternity clothes (and not spend a fortune)?

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I was in LA last week and bought a bunch of things at the American apparel factory flea market. Tank dresses that may stretch to tank tops, giant sweat shirts, some men's v necks that also fit my husband. I work from home, so I can go for a ragamuffin look. I'm gonna steal clothes from my husband, and get some stuff from thrift stores.
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Last time, I managed to wear my regular clothes for awhile and then I would just buy mediums in shirts I liked instead of maternity clothes.  We have a bunch of great resale stores here in portland and I have found some cute stuff that way too....

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For my first pregnancy, I just found someone on Craigslist who was my size and selling her maternity clothes as a lot. She was cool with me coming over and picking out the stuff I liked, and then I made her an offer for about half of it. Most if it worked out pretty well, for one part or another of the pregnancy. And I didn't pay more than $50 for the whole bundle.
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Last time I got a few things at Motherhood and most of the rest at Old Navy online or Target online.  Some of the time I just made do with the oversized shirts that I have (finally an advantage to being XS but people keep giving you things in S because that's the smallest available).  Between that and having a belly band I was pretty good.


Oh, and I borrowed a bunch from a friend, that is until she got preggers with her 4th and needed them back.  It was helpful at least to try out different things and see what worked well and what didn't.

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I am a size 12 tall lady, so I had a pretty hard time finding anything second-hand (except from my sis who is pregnant now!) or even in a too-large size, so I bought from Target and Motherhood, although my Motherhood stuff was of questionable quality. I do have a job where I have to dress pretty nice sometimes, so I did splurge and buy a few things from Nordstrom Maternity (online only), mostly Japanese Weekend brand and Olian. I looove this stuff and it makes me look great even when I feel, well, you know. It's also the best quality and tailoring of any of my stuff. The Liz Lange forTarget stuff is really good too, though.

Mostly, I'll re-wear my own stuff since my DS was born in September and I'm covering the same Texas seasons of summer and summer-er with this babe.

My tip is don't waste your money at Pea in the Pod (I did this). They have exactly the same stuff as Motherhood(sometimes different colors) as it is the same brand-family. But Pea quality is not better and it is more expensive. Also, when I started wearing maternity at 9 weeks with my DS (still only halfway into it now at 13 weeks), the salesgirl kindly suggested I was having twins. Really?! At a maternity store? Thanks for the sensitivity!
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Crafty, did you find all the Motherhood stuff to be bad quality?  That's good to know because I found some stuff there I like but it is SO expensive.  I do like the Target stuff, but they have a very limited selection here.  Maybe I'll drive a few miles to another Target store to see what I can find. 

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I also liked the maternity at JCPenney, especially for work clothes.
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I never even thought about JCPenney!  I'll have to look.

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If you have an H&M with maternity, that's another low cost place that has some cute stuff!

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I like Pea in the Pod for my favorite jeans (7 for all mankind) and some dressier stuff, Gap for casual. I invested for my first pregnancy and now have some great stuff. Not a fan of frumpy, ill fitting maternity wear!
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Last time, I bought a whole bunch of nice sweaters from marshalls that were open in the front.  They weren't maternity, just sweaters that were open in the fron that you had to wear a tee/blouse underneath.  Since they weren't maternity, I still wear them to work.  I might do the same thing again.


I found that long old navy tees with a little stretch in them work really well, too.  And a belly band goes a long way; I never bought maternity dress pants.

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I'm going to be wearing lots of DH's shirts since I got rid of all my maternity stuff last summer thinking we were done.  lol.gif  Then at the end if my MIL still has them, my FIL's old shirts.  lol.gif  I am ordering 2 pairs of shorts from Old Navy that are yoga shorts, look so comfy and a nice shirt in case I need to dress up for something.  I am still on the look out for maternity underwear since Old Navy doesn't carry them anymore.  Any recommendations for underwear?  I don't like the Motherhood underwear since the last ones I got just fell apart within months.  Please let me know, my undies are becoming so uncomfortable.

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