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Lots of bloody show, but no dilation!!!!

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Can someone explain this to me????  This is my 5th baby, and will the others, I had either started labor or was already holding a baby with 24 hours of having bloody show.  I had lots of bloody show starting Friday early afternoon, all through the night, and all day Saturday as well.  I was having some good, timeable contractions as well, so I went in to get checked, but my cervix hadn't changed at all since my last appointment! bigeyes.gif   It stopped yesterday (Sunday) then started again early this morning- copious amounts- stopped for a couple of hours, and has started again.  No other impending sign of labor.  This is so unlike previous pregnancies, and I am stumped.  I especially don't understand how I can be having bloody show but not dilating!!!

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Have you checked your own cervix? What did they say when you went in?

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My cervix is too posterior for me to check, I can't reach it. When I went in they checked me & I was the same (3cm & 80%) as I had been at my appointment last week, though the baby was a little lower.

I've just always thought bloody show meant dilation, because the blood was indicative of the cervix opening more.
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Tension can be held anywhere in the body, often emotionally based.  Can you relax enough to process fears & constraints?


Get help to create a protective, safe immediate environment for yourself.  Gather a friend or three for support, be nurtured!


Lengthy pre-labor wears you down, doubts & anxiety can snowball.  I've read a number of accounts of bleeding without dilation with no other issues (aside from slow progression).


You tried Evening Primrose Oil, Intimate Touch, Gentle Stretching, Deep Breathwork, Red Wine, Jovial Company, Homepathics, anything that you have a positive/comforting association with?


Fortify yourself with good mineral sources & Vit C, stay hydrated! 


You feel alone in this mama? 


Here's some other possible considerations:

The Cervix

The Cervical Center is the gateway to subtle, non-physical realms. It is the doorway to spiritual experiences. The “Songs of God” are said to reside here because when a materialistic human accesses this center through devoted prayer, deep concentration or a sudden reaction of extreme intensity the experience inspires awe. For the person who stumbles into this experience, it is called, “The Incomprehensible.”

Every thing and being that has measurable mass and is subject to the five stages of the cycle of creation. These stages include “birth,” “growth,” “application,” “maturity,” “rest.” This center manifests the stage of “rest” in the cycles of physical manifestation.

Traditional associated element: Ether

Ether is the substance that pervades the fabric of physical creation. It is the most subtle of measurable physical elements. The closest thing that today’s science has identified that is similar to the ancient classification of ether is the cosmic plasma that exists in the space between planets and other celestial bodies. Ether is the medium of light and sound. Ether allows the “miracle” of radio and television communication.

The fine qualities behind this energy center manifest through the little toes on each foot and the pinkies on each hand.

Associated sense: Hearing

Hearing is the positive subjective sense associated with the Cervical Center. The neutral manifestation is articulation or speech. The negative quality is the object of hearing or Sound.

Illustrated by: a circle enclosing many dots – atomic movement

Associated color: Blue

Associated sound: Oceanic roar, rolling of thunder


You may need to step away from all your thoughts soon, surrender fully, and draw upon strength you've not needed previously.  

There is no other way but through...

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Well, I guess I was starting to dilate some, because the baby is here! Lol
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Originally Posted by birthjunkiemom View Post

Well, I guess I was starting to dilate some, because the baby is here! Lol


congratulations on your new arrival! It's great that you are in tune enough with your body now to know what to expect and when something is a little "off". I'm glad it was only a slight delay.

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Ha!  Fantastic!  Do update when you can!

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