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Scheduling Difficulties - a little rant

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Last Friday I made some preliminary appointments at OHSU- a teaching hospital with what is supposed to be an amazing midwifery program. I wasn't impressed/comfortable with the scheduling process, but whatever. Plenty of good doctors have crummy receptionists. It then occurred to me that maybe my thyroid disease (hashimoto's) might need to be monitored prior to Feb 15th. I called them back today.

Me: blah blah should I come in sooner blah
Her: You are not yet a patient, so no one here will give you medical advice. Go back to your GP
Me: my GP told me to see a midwife, and they would monitor me.
Her: I'm just a receptionist. I can leave a note, but they won't answer you.
Me: I'm not asking for advice, just if I should come in sooner, because of this condition.
Her: There are no earlier appointments. You should have your GP refer you to our perinatologists for a high risk pregnancy.
Me: ....
Her: I can give the nurses a message, but they probably won't answer you.
Me: I will call you back if I need to.

I called the private practice of one of the midwives who teaches there to set up a consultation. I figure she can help me figure out if the benefit of insurance paying makes it worth going there, or if I should just use her home birth services. She will probably also be able to tell me if I should be getting blood work done yet. I am waiting for a call back, but so far the tone of the receptionist was SO much nicer.
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Wow, sounds like a super rude receptionist! Sorry you had to deal with that yuckiness.

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That's really rude of her! I'm glad you've got an alternative to speak to.

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That conversation bothers me a lot! My SIL works in the L&D at OHSU! I'm forwarding this on to her so she can do a little 'training' if needed.

I hope your midwife will be able to help you and you find a pleasant atmosphere!

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P.S. She's a charge nurse so I am confident that she is NOT the one you spoke to on the phone.

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Thank you.

We are meeting with one midwife practice tomorrow, and I hope to set up a meeting with another very soon. Then we will decide who to use. OHSU is not out of the running, but at this point in position 3 of 3. I emailed a friend of a friend who uses them, and if she has amazing things to say, they may move back up. We will see how the meetings go with the midwives this week.
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