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Started reading yesterday! Gonna pop in about 3 weeks!

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Before my husband and I got married my heart longed for the sanctity of only he and I at the birth of our children. I had no idea though if it was possible or allowed. I knew I was capable but was it legal? 5 months after we wedded we conceived! I was a little terrified. For a few reasons. 

1. My husbands brother and wife were trying, and are much farther along in marriage, but have been unable to. When we conceived they were in the baby spot light but having no luck and then so quickly and "accidentally" we conceived. I was afraid of all the talk of responsibility and finances and all that (I've got mother in-law issues) plus I feel raising children is far less expensive than people make it to be. They need love not stuff. 
2. I knew I wanted a home birth but knew my family and his would be opposed. All the women in my family have had their traumatic birth stories and swear that our genes just were not made for birthing regularly. And they just won't stop about the pain. Looking back I feel that their fear in birth has completely manifested itself in their relationships with their children. 
And 3. Are we capable?!?!? I've since been enlightened!

I praise God for this baby! We are overjoyed!!!! The Lord has completely affirmed my original feelings of free birth! He placed every bit of information in my path and taught us so much about this process and about myself. I am in awe! My faith is deeper. My love for my husband is deeper. My love of life and my understanding of it is deeper. And I've been blessed with a sister in-law that trusts in God as well and has been an open ear these past months. 
All this has not been without trials. I've had to purge myself of certain company :/ for their opposition. And it's been soo difficult to speak freely and truthfully because our culture has been so ingrained with the danger and scariness of birth. I do agree it's scary, but of course it's scary when we don't listen to our bodies and the One who made them. I feel like when God said "I will increase your pains in childbirth" He was talking about the fear associated with going against His will and design. But we, in our humaness, assume He's out to get us and we try to do it our own way (drugs and intervention) and it ends up worse. 

It's been great to have found this forum. I wish I would have sooner! 
We are so stoked to birth soon and I can't wait to type up the whole journey and share it! On here and hopefully with family and friends and change their perception of birth. One thing I find particularly inspiring about freebirth is how much shorter many of the labors are! No distractions to hinder anything! I love it!

I hope that in the end my story will inspire, just as many of yours have inspired and taught me!

~first time and soo ready!
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Nice to have you here.

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!


You should join a Due Date Club if you haven't already!  If there is something else I can help you find @lisasparks, please let me know!

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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Welcome to Mothering! › New Member? Introduce Yourself!  › Started reading yesterday! Gonna pop in about 3 weeks!