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Milk Thistle which one?

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Please someone help me to understand. In the book Naturally healthy pregnancy which I do not have but heard about the author tells us to take milk Thistle with at least 70% of Silybin. Then she talks about which one to buy and it is Milk Thistle Phytosome by Natural Factors. Well I bought it and it contains 15% of silybin as indicated on the back of the bottle. Do I buy something else or should I stick to this one??? Please help me I only have 3 months to prepare =) 

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Have you looked into why you are supposed to take this? Some websites contraindicate it for pregnancy some don't. Is it for uterine strength?
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It's to prevent morning sickness.  I do not believe you necessarily take it once pregnant - it's just to "prepare" as the OP indicated.  I will be taking it soon to prepare for my third pregnancy.  I have purchased Thysilin which is very highly rated.


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I did not think you were supposed to take milk thistle while pregnant either, but then I read its good for baby's liver and preventing jaundice. DS1&2 both had jaundice so I'm interested in taking it, if it will help.

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I haven't seen anything that it is contraindicated during pregnancy. It's a liver support enzyme and doesn't produce significant detox, if that is the concern. It's aided many women in alleviating morning sickness, and for many (including me) it's beneficial to keep taking it the first trimester. I'd be happy to read any info anyone can provide.


At any rate, per the original question, I have used these in the past:







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