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is it.... or isn't it?

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FTM here, and just wondering what is going on. dizzy.gif I think I'm having some prodromal labor, but it's not letting up at all. I'm 37+ weeks. Been having braxton hicks for weeks, way up high, feels like baby balling up, stomach gets hard as a rock, doesn't hurt. Last night around 8:30 I started getting these down low, contractions that tended to wrap around to my sides and back. Had super loose bowel movement (sorry), and went to bed around 9:30. The few times I woke up during the night I noticed contractions in my back. Then at 4:30am I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, so I laid there for a couple hours having contractions, and pretty much ignoring them. At 6:30 I timed a few and they were a little under 60 seconds and around 5 minutes apart, but not super uncomfortable.


Then things slowed down so I went to work. They've been going on all day, sometimes 4 minutes apart, then I won"t have any for 20 minutes or so, then they come back again, they haven't gone away completely all day. I've had a little crying episode, and another bout of loose stool. They seem a little more intense than this morning, but not like whoa this it. I've tried changing from sitting in my chair to my yoga ball, walking around the office a bit, but nothing seems to make a difference either way.


I've been thinking if this was real labor it would have picked up by now, but also if it's false labor shouldn't it have quit or at least slowed down by now?


I don't mind the practice, and want baby to ready when he/she comes, BUT I want to know when to not go to work, lol. If I was home I'd be resting, at work that's a little tough to do, and I worry that if it picks up when I get home I won't be as rested as I'd like.


So any moms who've done this before have any stories/advice they'd like to offer?

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This is what I've been going through since last night. The contractions have continued all day. I know I'm not in labor, but for me the prodromal labor indicates real labor isn't super far away. My advice is to relax and not stress over it. Easier said than done, I know. Take a warm bath, rest, have a little wine if it is really annoying you..


Also, sometimes prodromal labor can indicate less than ideal positioning. Check out spinningbabies to see some different things you can do to encourage optimal positioning.

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I think you will know when it is the real deal.  That being said, can you take some extra time off work and get rested up?  There is nothing bad that can come from another week or so of relaxation and rest.  I am wanting DH to take  the next weeks off so I can rest (he doesn't ever take any time off even after babe comes, so there is no way I can convince him to take time off to let me 'rest' before baby arrives.)  My kids have been awful and fighting and all over each other.  There is no way for me to rest with them how they are acting.  


I am just thinking forward to the 1-2 weeks my mom will be here after baby comes and I can rest and sleep and nurse and cuddle all I want!

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The first time around I had multiple days of prodromal labor, and definitely don't know when "real" labor began, even in retrospect. That's probably not very comforting though! Sorry OP. This time around I want to try to assume nothing is "real" until it gets really far along. Easier said than done though!

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It's so hard to know!
With my second I had days of prodromal labor but when things started the night he was born it was hard and fast.
The thing about prodromal labor is that it can happen for days or it can happen for weeks.
I know that's not helpful at all, sorry.
I do hope you can get some rest, though. The point you're at right now is both physically and emotionally exhausting and any rest you can get will help you get through it to the end.
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w/ my 2nd i had 2 weeks of this.  daily, increasing at night.  it was mind-boggling.  but w/ my first i was induced during that pre-labor and it was terrible!  so waiting was a bit easier.  and then w/ my 3rd and 4th i just plugged through weeks of it expecting it a bit more.


i now have started just sleeping more and trying to rest through it.  that is hard w/ work and w/ kids, but just letting go and figuring when it's serious it will be serious (i actually let my husband make the call on this- he's done a good job the last few times!), but not really focusing on it at all as it seems to make it harder.


the good news is that it is leading up to labor.  it really really is!


meanwhile, it's not fun and there's no clear end or sign to let you know you've crossed over to the real thing.

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I had this for about a month with my first, and ending up getting induced. In retrospect, I think it was so extreme because of his position (sunny side up) and head size. He was trying to work his way down into the cervix but couldn't. I actually stopped working due to it (and also leg swelling because I was on my feet at my job) so at least I was able to ride it out at home for the most part.

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For me, this describes perfectly what I always just considered the early phase of my labor.  It felt just like menstrual symptoms for me: achey lower back, cramping on either side of the front of my lower abdomen. I believe I had loose stool too (a typical menstrual thing for me).  It lasted for 12 hours, then intensified enough that I called my midwife to come. At one point a few hours later, I was able to get an hour or two of sleep by putting two warmed up socks-filled-with-rice against my crampy front area and laying very still. I think I was just a centimeter or two dilated at that point.  I can imagine a woman's labor getting put on hold even at that point that I was at, but for me, it was a slow, steady progression. I was 3 days late with the baby at that point, and ready to be in labor, and had no notion that it might not be real labor, so I stayed with it, and it stayed with me, so to speak.


My labor continued in this "slow but steady progress" vein for 23 hours from that earliest indicator, to turning on a dime and going very fast at the end. The turning point was an internal shift that happened (during a blessed period of rest when I got into the birth tub) where I was able to envision the baby coming out of me and into my hands for the first time. It was a point of permission, I think, where some part of me that wanted to have a say in it, was able to say, "okay, I'm ready."  Then I went from 5 cm dilated to baby-in-hand in the last hour, surprising even my home birth midwives, one of whom hadn't even arrived yet.


I mention it because I read one midwife's blog that said in her experience, prodromal labor happens because there is emotional work to do, like a fear that wants to be acknowledged and moved through.  Labor is such an intimate tango dance between these two partners of physical readiness and mental/emotional readiness.  

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Thanks ladies! I called my doula and she said the same thing, could be days.... or weeks, just try to ignore it as best you can. eyesroll.gif It slowed way way down around 6pm last night, so I showered and went to bed super early, I was really really tired, and slept like a rock.smile.gif I could go out of work whenever I want to, but I'm trying to stay at least until my due date because anytime I take now comes off my leave at the end and is less time I get to spend at home with the baby. I have had a few more contractions today, but nothing like yesterday so I figure I'll just keep on coming to work and taking it really easy at home, and going to bed early.


I have a midwife appt today, and I am going to ask her NOT to check my cervix. I'm gonna keep telling myself and trusting that this is what my body and baby need to do to prepare, and it's working. I would be pretty disappointed to hear my cervix hasn't changed at all after all that practice. So I'd rather not know, lol. I know the baby has pretty much been LOA for a number of weeks, although I have noticed lots of shifting around in there so it might be a positioning thing. I also have a chiro appt at lunch so I think I'll ask her to check out my pelvis and see if anything needs adjusting. I checked out the spinning babies website, and I've got a few floors that need washing so maybe some hands and knees time is in order. And, I'm doing hypnobabies so maybe I'll do some more fear clearing sessions. I feel pretty ready physically and emotionally for baby to come, but maybe there's something I'm missing.


Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. Even though I KNOW it will eventually lead to real labor and birth, it's good to hear/ read it from folks who have done it. biggrinbounce.gif

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