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Doula gift ideas

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I want to get our doula something, but have no idea what. She is one of the MWs from our birth center and doesn't do doula work often. So I wouldn't need a gift specifically for a doula. 
We won't have a lot to spend before the birth, but I want to give her something on delivery day. 
Anyone have ideas?

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Gift cards are always nice - my mentor has more jewelry, artwork, books, coffee cups, etc so even though they were all nice gifts, it just adds up to clutter for her.


GC's especially to Starbucks and places like that are sure to get used and be appreciated.

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I agree with a gift card. I've gotten these as a doula and dreally appreciated it.

Also, pictures of the birth in a photo book afterward are nice.  

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I don't know if this will help, but I have decided on gifts for 1 of my 2 midwives and their apprentice.  The MW, I am getting a day pass to a spa I KNOW she loves (it's a Korean spa, only ~$30).  The apprentice, I am getting lots of sampler stuff from one of my favorite little skincare/haircare companies:




Their stuff is all-natural and she has natural hair (I use their skin stuff, but my friends with natural hair love their hair stuff), so I thought it would be something she'd enjoy.


I'm not sure about my other MW yet.

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Oh, I love Oyin deodorants.  They're the only deodorant in the world that actually works and the black cedar & fig one smells SO good.  Unfortunately getting them to ship to Canada is... dicey.  And it takes a long time.  But I should order more...

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