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easy recipe ideas for several days of leftovers

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There are three nights in a row per week when we really need to have some kind of leftovers that we can just heat up easily, and I was hoping for some ideas for recipes that work well as leftovers, which are healthy, and which are easy to make.  


We eat pretty much everything, but I can't digest beans well (except soy), so vegetarian dishes which are primarily bean based (except soy) unfortunately don't work for us (I wish they did - I actually really like beans!).  Small amounts of beans in recipes are fine, though.


The main meal requirements: I have to have fat, protein, and complex carbs at every meal in order to keep my blood sugar level, and I always try to have at least two veggie servings per person per meal.  


I especially like meals that don't require a lot of prep time, and that don't require standing over the stove for any length of time.  In an ideal world (which may not exist! :)) I would love to be able to throw a handful of ingredients in the oven or a pot, without having to do a lot of cutting or cleaning, and then end up with something yummy to eat about half an hour later.  (And then have plenty of leftovers!)


So if any of you have quick and easy recipes to share that produce (or can be tweaked to produce) good leftovers, I'd love your advice!


Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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How about something like Lasagana (tweeked to what you like in it, lots of veggies, meat if you want etc), make 2 trays and have one later in the week.

Casserole, same concept, make ALOT and have it later in the week.

Can you crockpot something?  start it in the am and like magic its ready for supper?

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Do you have a slow cooker?


If so, this recipe for a pork roast: http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/main-course/pork/chipotles-carnitas-pulled-pork.html



(soooooooo good, don't leave out those juniper berries!)


It doesn't mention it in the recipe but you pull it apart in a bowl then strain the juices from the crockpot into the shredded roast. Throw some potatoes* {so we have 2 adults 1 toddler in the house now so I would put in 8-9 potatoes maybe?} in the oven that day as well for baked potatoes and hash later in the week)


Then here's about what we do:

Night 1: Tacos, whole wheat tortillas, veggies/things for the tacos

Night 2: Mix some of the carnitas with BBQ sauce and put on ww buns, salad, baked potatoes

Night 3: Fry up chopped onion and peppers with the carnitas and chopped potatoes and scramble or fry some eggs 


DD and I also eat the leftovers for lunches and breakfasts.


*Just and FYI: Make sure you cool down your potatoes and put them in the fridge in a short manner of time. They breed botulism pretty well if you just let them hang out. Don't let the put you off though!

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What about soups? I easily make double batches for the 5 of us (3 teens) and freeze the leftovers. Could have with bread one night, grilled sandwiches another and even over rice depending on the soup. I make mine in the slow cooker.
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You mentioned throwing everything into the oven - how about a broccoli/cheese/chicken/brown rice casserole?  I make this often, but without a recipe...just throw stuff in a casserole dish & bake at 350 for 45 minutes.  Usually I use cooked brown rice, rotisserie chicken that I've shredded, broccoli florets, and shredded cheddar cheese, with a little cream or millk.  I add crushed crackers and melted butter to the top, but bread crumbs toast nicely too.  You can add any veggie you want, but my kids are picky when it comes to veggies.  If you aren't opposed to canned creamed soups, that would be good to add, too. 

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Most soup or casseroles reheat very well.
http://www.food.com/recipe-finder/all/casserole  http://www.food.com/recipe-finder/all/soup


I think you might like using a slow cooker. Most recipes have very quick preparation and then you walk away.

http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/  http://www.food.com/recipe-finder/all/slow-cooker


If you tried making some big batches of things in advance (like meatballs)- or freezing cut up vegetables (or buy frozen vegetables) or leftover cooked meat it would save preparation time.

For example-

Meatballs-> meatball soup, spaghetti and meatballs, meatball sandwiches, break up and use for pizza topping

Leftover Chicken or Turkey (or any big meat item)-> chicken/turkey and noodles/rice, stir fry, BBQ sandwiches, tacos, stuffed bread, soup, casseroles

Leftover Vegetables-> add to eggs, soup, stir fry, casseroles

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Soups are a go to for me!  I also have done stuffed peppers, meat loaf, pasta dishes where I can make the sauce ahead, just reheat sauce & boil pasta.  I make brown rice ahead because it takes forever.  Some sort of a big roast like pork that the first night is eaten with potatoes & a veg then the second night it is shredded & made into tacos & the 3rd night into bbq pulled pork sandwiches.  If there is more left it can top salads or go into soup or be frozen for later use.  This can be done, with beef, turkey, chicken you get the idea!

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Thanks for all these suggestions, everyone!  Sorry for not posting thanks earlier - I thought I had hit submit when I wrote a reply ages ago, but it doesn't seem to be here, so I think I must have gotten distracted by an email or phone before finishing my post...


Thanks again! (We've tried several of the recommendations here already...)

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