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Help with future breastfeeding!

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My husband and I had a son almost 4 months ago and even though I tried very hard he would not breastfeed! His latch was fine and we saw lactation 6 or 7 times but he had almost no suck reflex! I also have inverted nipples which was not helping anything. I pumped for the first 3 weeks and he did great! One day I had plenty the next none! Since then he has had terrible acid reflux and I am convinced it is the formula (which I didnt want him to have anyway).We are planning on starting to try for another baby when our son is 12-18 mo. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what can maybe help for next time?  It breaks my heart when he is in pain and he did not have this trouble while drinking breastmilk, and I dont want to have this happen again. Thanks in advance!

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La Leche League or other super-supportive breastfeeding moms for community.  Find a good IBCLC NOW & maybe even schedule a consult while you're pregnant to discuss your last experience & develop a plan for your new little one (call around, ask about experience with latch issues, get referrals from breastfeeding mom friends. .. . just like every professional, not every IBCLC has the same experience or approach & there may be a better fit for you than the one you saw last time).  Hang out here & read a lot so you know as much as possible about normal breastfeeding, common challenges, etc.  It's totally possible to have a positive breastfeeding experience with your next baby.  You can do it, Mama!  Please don't blame yourself for your son's discomfort - sounds like you tried super hard and you gave him a great start with whatever amout of your milk you received. 


PS - It's also not too late to relactate if you want to provide at least some milk for your 4-month old. . .

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