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Recommendations for great potty training friendly winter sleepwear for 24m toddlers?

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ok potty training time has come earlier than i was ready for, my B/G twins basically demanded it a few days ago, so i am kinda scrambling to get everything in place. one issue is that i have them in zip up footed sleepers and was actually about to sew wonderful light goose down sleep sacks for them to get them thru the winter (and discourage my boy testing how high up his foot can go towards the railing of his crib)


So I need two piece PJ's, but they are really too young to keep their blankets on them so they ned to be pretty warm, but then they come into bed with us most nights by about 4 or 5, so they need to be able to deal with our blankets, or maybe just sleep on top of them. ugggh


they definitely need to have their feet covered, the socks they have that stay on, also leave light marks, fine for days, but i dont like the idea of laying still all night in them.


I'm not against some sewing, and may just make something, but i wanted to first check what folks like and whats out there.


so please spam me with your favorite PJ's for potty training or the potty trained kid.

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I just want to mention this in case it saves you headache: you can absolutely potty train during the day and still diaper at night without confusing things.

I buy two piece cotton pjs for DD (21 months) that are a bit big (3T) and I look for baggy rather than form fitting. I then diaper her and tuck the top into the bottom. That usually keeps her midrif covered. For feet I usually keep socks off (otherwise she is uncomfortable) and then cover her with a fleece blanket. I arrange/tuck the blanket in a way that will keep her covered as she rolls around. Most times this works very well and she's a very very warm child. Somehow her room also ends up being the warmest part in this drafty old house. I used to have her in a sleepsack but she absolutely won't have anything to do with them anymore. I used to feel bad about how lightly she was dressed/covered but this is the most she tolerates and she always feels warm. This is what works for us for now.
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while im sure it confuses thing a tiny bit, yes i agree with you that i can. but i still have to night train soon and i'm considering giving it a go and do both close to the same time if not at once, pull of the bandaid right?


either way night training is not that far off and it is a low of 19 degrees F all week here, yikes, its not going to get much better for a good while.  and even while i keep a diaper on them i need a easy way to put them on the potty the min they wake without undressing them half way and freezing them.


i have been considering getting a blanket, probably thinner down one and tucking it is around the crib matters, for my boy im sure htat would work as he really does not move that much, but my girl is a tosser and turner, specially when falling asleep, im worried she would end up on top of it all the time or get fussy and want to pull it all out.



have others had luck tucking in a blanket to help it stay on a toddler?

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Oh man, we were PTing last winter and had to switch from one-piece sleepers to two-piece sets. Most of the time it doesn't get *too* cold here, but it gets chilly enough that it was very uncomfortable for her to have to be unzipped from a sleeper to pee in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. Even now that she's fully PTed, we don't put her in a zipped sleeper because it's too chilly and uncomfortable to have to take the whole thing off when she goes. I guess that's why they used to make longjohns with a flap on the tush!


We made do with two-piece fleece or thick cotton sets for the most part, but I think if I were in your situation I'd try to find some out of wool for added warmth. Wool base layers are pretty expensive to buy, but if you don't mind sewing, I think at least one of the major pattern companies carries a toddler pj pattern that can be made two piece with footed pants*. You could always try making them from recycled men's wool sweaters that have been felted -- I've made my dd several pairs of pants and a few sweaters and they're so soft, warm and easy to sew. I usually find the sweaters at thrift shops and look for the largest men's sizes I can find. If that won't work, you can buy wool fabric online too, and other warm blends. If wool won't work, fleece might (is that what they're wearing now in the sleepers?).


As for their tummies and backs getting cold, you can either make the top longer and snug so it is less likely to ride up, or you can sew in small snaps to keep the top and bottom together.


* In a quick search, I didn't find that pattern, but I did find this one for a one-piece footed sleeper with snap tape at the legs so you wouldn't have to undress them. http://kwiksew.mccall.com/k3922-products-20455.php?page_id=3352

You could also use a regular two-piece pattern and add feet -- it's easy. Here's a tutorial. http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-footie-pajama-pants/2012/01/11/

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For ElderSon at that stage, and through about age 4, I sewed heavy wool blankets into slightly largish pillowcase shaped "sleeping bags". He really couldn't keep regular blankets on, and sweated too much in too-warm PJs. Worked better for us than PJs, and was very simple.

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We used swear pants/shirts and oversized socks in CO

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It's super cold here (-42 today!), but MUCH warmer in the house orngbiggrin.gif.


While we're not formally potty training at night, we have lots of requests to pee which we accommodate.  We've moved to two piece jammies.  Depending on how cold it is outside (and how that effects our overnight household temperature), DD sleeps in cotton two piece jammies or polar fleece/thermal two piece jammies.  She hates socks, so those are a no-go.


She has a big duvet on her bed, and often sleeps with one or both of us.  We find that she's a hot sleeper and frequently kicks the covers off.  Actually, she hates covers for the most part.  Warmer PJs and shared body heat get us through Canadian winters.

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I second 2-piece sets and skidders socks. They always stay on my little ones feet, even through the night!

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