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Night time picks?

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My DD2 soaks through her bum genius one size every night. Its a shame because they worked great overnight with DD1. I use one doubler and one newborn insert. I tried doubling the normal doubler but it doesn't work either. She is a 6 months and a chunky one. What are your night time solutions to super soakers?
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I found a fitted and cover always worked better for a super soaker. Just more absorbency with out compromising fit.

I like my BabyKicks one size fitteds. They really fit up to 35 lb on my kids and have held up well for three years of heavy use.

I add JoeyBunz hemp doublers. Sometimes two. For my son, I fold one in half and put it right at the front where he soaks, but my daughter does not have the same super wet spot.


I like Bummies Super Brite, pull on, or a multi layer wool cover on top, Happy Heiny Stacinator, Eco Posh pull on, or Aristocrats all work.

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Thanks for your reply. I don't know which to choose. I wish there was a sure fire method for DD not leaking in my bed every night.
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Do you have a local cloth diaper store? If so, go and look.

Otherwise, really, order a BK fitted, 2 Joey bunz medium inserts and a Bummies Super Brite in the right size. And try it. If it works great, get a second fitted, more inserts if you need them and you are done. Night system managed.

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I've loved the Mother-Ease Airflow cover for nighttime. With two kids, I don't think we ever had a leak. We'd use a prefold and a doubler, and a fleece liner.

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FOr some reason my kids seem to go through leak spurts or something where they will leak every night for like a week then no more even if we dont change anything!!  Lol, so I just put a towel under us :)  I have found that when an absorbant material is next to the babys skin it will catch the pee right away instead of it having to pass through the fleece first, so it wont leak when I use a natural fiber diaper.  When it is an issue of they are just peeing too much for the diaper to hold I either change them in the middle of the night, half the time they'd sleep through it, or with a boob they will go right back to sleep :D    Or I add another hemp insert to their diaper.

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