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First and second labor length?

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Anyone have drastically different length labors?

I had my first babe about four months ago. It was a drug/intervention free birth. Labor was 39 hours. I veiw the experience as somewhat traumatizing but generally very positive. Like, it was horrifying at the time but I was glad I did it and would do it again, if that makes sense. But I am really hoping it will be a bit easier next time. And my hubs is like "remind me why we are against c-sections?"

Anyway, I'm wondering if I'm likely to be prone to long labor and have a slightly shorter but still really long labor next time or if it is still an "anything could happen" type of scenerio.

I shoul mention, my bub was 10' 13".
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This may or may not encourage you, but it is totally anecdotal anyway. I had 38 hours with my first. With my second, I knew I could have another long one so tried to rest through the first night of labor, propping myself on pillows in whatever way felt best and almost sleeping as well as I could. Kept things easygoing all morning, talking with my friend who came over to watch my other son, grocery shopping with DH and her and DS. After lunch things got more serious so then I went to my room to be more alone and actually labor, and things progressed from there. So though it was 28 hours that time, it was only like 10-11 hours really working on it.

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Not sure if this will help, but my Mother had a really long labor with my older sister, it was around the 48 hour mark. Then when she went into labor with me, it lasted 2 hours. I can't say that will happen for anyone else, but I thought I'd lay it out there!

I'm also expecting my second right now, my first labor was 18 hours, so I'm hoping for a shorter one as well. So I'm curious to see some other answers! smile.gif
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I haven't had my second yet, but I'm thinking it will be shorter this time around.

There are things in my 1st labor that I feel probably contributed to it being 31 hrs.


This time around, I will get chiro adjustments weekly starting at 36 weeks. It something I did with DD, but stopped a few weeks before labor and I think she was in a not so good position to start.

This time around, we won't have nearly as many people around. That will eliminate the "pressured" feeling I had at times during DD's birth.

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My first labour started the day before I gave birth, very mild contractions that slooooowly got stronger into the night. Active labour was a little over 6 hours then 1hour 51mins of pushing.

With baby #2, I had weeks of cramping (prodromal) and felt like actual labour might start any minute. When it did, it came with a bang. Only 3.5 hours of active labour and 6 MINUTES of pushing! (And baby was posterior)
I am pregnant with #3 right now and am wondering what to expect this time as both my previous experiences were so different.
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My water broke when I went into labor both times.  I had been having sort of prodomal, light contractions before, I guess, and both times it was early in the morning when I felt like I had gas pain, then my water broke.  I timed my labors from that point because it happened the same way both times, and there was meconium in the water both times.  Except the second time I didn't have back labor and I had a home birth.  Anyway, my first labor was 14 hours, which was what I had been told was the average.  My second labor was half that.  I didn't really notice contractions when my water first broke, but they started happening at some point, I don't really remember. It was about 7 hours from the time my water broke, however.  And I had a large baby.


So I don't think that means anything, although generally speaking, labors tend to be shorter the second time around.  I guess it depends on the particular circumstances, however. 


I did notice a lot more "pulling" or Braxton-Hicks type of contractions.  I was apparently 4 cm dialated for over a week, and I felt like things were happening to help me get to the point even though it wasn't active labor.  

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My first was induced at 41w3d, 15 hour labour (from pitocen in to baby), 9 lb 2 oz. 2 hours pushing

My second came on her due date. 6 hour labour (from yes, these are contractions, to baby), 8 lb, 3-4 pushes.

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generally, second labours are shorter, but of course it depends on each individual person :)

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My second labor was halved compared to my first but then another labor was the same length as my first. You never know.

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First 56 hours, second 13 hours, third 30 hours, fourth 14 hours. In all of them the labor really didn't get difficult until a few hours before the birth, and the main difference between my two long labors was that with the first my midwife kept trying to "kick it into high gear" so that I was exhausted by the time I got to the intense part, and with the other I rested as much as possible so that I had lots of reserves by the time I got there.

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First was about 24 hours with pitocin halfway through.  Second was no pitocin and 26 hours.   

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First labor 15 hours, 8lb 2oz baby boy

Second labor 3.5 hours, 7lb 4oz baby girl

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