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Another way I try to be frugal is by making our own laundry detergent...it even works wonders on our stinky cloth diapers.... you can imagine how much laundry we go through in a family of 6!

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Another frugal tip....I try to recycle old clothes that can't be passed on into rags for cleaning, unpaper towels, diaper inserts and soakers, and many many other uses!

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My first frugal tip is to try to use all parts your food.  Be resourceful!

For example, did you know that you can make your own Apple Cider Vinegar with JUST the peels and cores of your apples?  It's SO easy!  



Did you know you can make jelly utilizing peach pits and "scraps"?  Yet another way to stretch your food to go farther!


You can save the carrot pulp from juicing for carrot cake!  Or you can use it (or other fruit/veggie pulp) to add to your smoothies.  There are still nutrients in the pulp after juicing so don't just throw it away.


If you order beef in a quarter or half a cow be sure to ask for ALL the organ meat and ALL the bones.  The bones can be used to make wonderful beef stock that you can pressure can to use later on or freeze.  It's SO yummy!  I don't care for organ meat, but if you have a dog you can easily turn it into dog food!  You can also go to a local butcher shop and just buy the bones and organ meat for pretty reasonable as well.


When you roast a chicken or turkey be sure to save the bones and turn them into chicken stock.  It's super easy, very nutritious, and saves money!


And when you are done using everything you can from your fruits and veggies be sure to compost them so that you can add nutrients back to your soil for your garden!


When you utilize all parts of your food, whether it be fruit, veggies, or meat, you are not only saving money, but you are also getting lots of extra nutrients that would have otherwise been wasted!

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One of my best frugal tips: Instead of toys or clothes for Christmas/birthday(if not really needed) ask if grandparents would mind purchasing a family membership to your local science center or zoo! It can be used year round and not just in your own city but in many other states if you travel, too. It's a great way to make memories as a family without spending a lot of money!



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Another thing I've done to be frugal is watch the discount produce rack at my local grocery stores.  The produce is usually still mostly good, but is marked down significantly so you they can sell it quickly.  The one thing you need to remember when doing this that you need to get it home and process it asap.  Many things can be sliced/chopped and put in the freezer.  Other things (like beets and carrots) juice REALLY well and I pour the juice into ice cube trays and once they are frozen pop them into freezer containers.  I use the juice in smoothies later on.  Bananas go directly into the freezer.


A note for those smoothie lovers:
Beet juice (just one frozen ice cube is generally enough) will cover up any color in smoothies.  My kids generally don't mind the color of green smoothies, but sometimes their friends are turned off from the green color.  The beet juice doesn't add much flavor and makes it look purple so the kids are more apt to try it.  

Bananas can cover up most flavors in smoothies and also help to add a creamier texture.  They can be frozen and pulled out when you need them. :)


And be sure when you juice you freeze the pulp to use later on too!

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My best frugal tips are use coupons and look for sales! Plant a garden for fresh fruits and veggies. Nurse your baby (if you can) as long as possible instead of using formula. Use cloth diapers!
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I have a newborn and my best frugal tip is that I cut the wipes in half and put them in the warmer.

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We make all of our toiletries and cleaning supplies here at home.


Making your own laundry soap is SUPER easy, lasts forever, works great, and is SUPER cheap!  I like the Duggar's recipe, but I'm sure there are others out there as well. 



If you go on Pinterest you'll find recipes for deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and pretty much anything else imaginable.  Start downloading them and find the ones that work best for you.  I tried a few different deodorant and toothpaste recipes before finding ones that we LOVED!  We save a lot of money and we KNOW what we are putting on our bodies.  


As far as household cleaners go I pretty much stick with Vinegar (white and apple cider varieties), baking soda, and essential oils.  I keep white vinegar in a spray bottle and use that for most everything.  

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Another thing we've done to save money is we've gotten to know some of the local farmers, especially the ones that are chemical free and/or organic.  We offer to buy up what's left of their weekly harvest after their CSA is all picked up for a flat rate.  At the end of the season we go and glean whatever is left as generally they have so much left over out in their gardens that they'd rather see someone use it than see it go to waste.  


Also, at the Farmer's Market go at the end of the day as everyone is starting to pack up.  Many farmers really don't want to pack up what's left to take home and risk it going bad before the next market day.  I've had really good luck offering to buy what is left for a much cheaper price.  As long as you have the means to freeze or can this is an excellent option.  

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My favorite frugal tip is to make my own baby wipes. You can use washable cloths and dip them in the solution- I store the solution  in my wipe warmer or you can put them in you wipes tub.

  • 2 TBSP Baby Wash
  • 2 TBSP Olive Oil
  • 2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 Cups Water

    Mix well in measuring cup or your wipes box.


You will need:

Cut roll of paper towells in half, remove center cardboard, mix liquid ingredients, pour on top of paper towels, pull first towel up. Each roll of towels makes 2 containers of wipes

I have found that if I let them sit for about 1 hour all the liquid has enough time to absorb the entire 1/2 roll.


  • 10 cup container (ex: rubbermaid, w/lid)
  • 1/2 roll of Bounty paper towels
  • 2 tbls of baby oil
  • 2 tbls of baby bath
  • 2 cups of water

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I always keep gift bags and the paper that comes in them neatly to re-use.  At other people's parties, if I see they are going to discard them, I ask can I have them.  I NEVER buy gift bags.

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STOP!  Don't throw away the bottle CAP...from Coke that is.  Enter your coke caps in at www.mycokerewards. and receive free stuff; like a subscription to your favorite magazine.

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Use your ipad to go GREEN.  If you can't get the book via pdf, scan it on your scanner and then place the document in your Dropbox.  Open the pdf on your ipad in a program like NOTABILITY and allow your child to read, color, or in our case HOMESCHOOL on the ipad.  No more paper, No more pencil scaps from pencil sharpeners spilled on the floor, and an educated child on technology and conservation.


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I don't have any fancy tricks up my sleeve; we were taught to give unto others as you would have them give unto you. We free-cycle many things whether it is words of encouragement, material things, garden goodies, a free hand, etc or bartering. I don't expect others to give back but they always do. With strong community, you rely on others compassion and empathy; not so much money. It's alright, with a good conscience, to ask for help if you truly need it. 

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I have liked and shared on my timeline. I am hoping to win so bad! I am an organic goat dairywoman and this would be the best startup kit for my cloth diapering experiance for our first child. Even if we don't win...I am happy thrilled to get your updates on my newsfeed. Thank you for all that you do!

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If you use Super Duper Diaper Doo:



When you think you've run out, cut off the bottom of the tube.


There is still alot in there :)

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Awesome! liked x2, and shared on fb. I will think about my best tip.... I do many things to save money, such as using cloth diapers and napkins, cleaning with white vinegar, eating unprocessed foods.

I probably save most by almost never buying clothing or storage solutions (bags, baskets, bins) new/at retail. I love thrift shopping, and do so probably once a week.  I can keep my family's needs for clothing, gifts etc covered so cheaply because I hardly ever need to run out and find a specific thing, new. I can find better quality than the affordable new things at places like Walmart. Oh, and purses! if I see a good leather purse, I pick it up. when mine wears out, I have a like-new one for $7 or less! 

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And as for tips...try volunteering a couple of hours at a local farm. Most times when we have volunteers come to work we send them home with a little care package of some veggies, and or cheese. Growing your own food is a biggie on our list. Even a couple of tomato plants can save quite a bit of money when you think about how much a good ripe, non GMO tomato costs at the market.  

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For remodeling and furniture - Habitat for Humanity has ReStores in many cities.  They sell tons of neat stuff donated from individuals, businesses, and sometimes the city it's in (oddball colored outdoor paint, for example).  They always have tons of new windows and doors here!!!  I picked up two booth benches from an Olive Garden that was doing a complete renovation, and I'm going to turn a corner of my dining room into Mom's Cafe.  Just need to finish re-covering them and I'm waiting for a rectangular restaurant table to pop up.




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SNAP IT!  As from many other posts...time is money.  As soon as you get any kind of important paper or schedule for yourself or your CHILD - TAKE A PICTURE.  You know you'll always have a copy on your phone that you can send to yourself via email if needed.

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