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oh thank you for that! I though the fire department was to only place that did that and our fire department is not convenient, though I'm sure my son would like to check it out. AAA would work nicely. I will go do that as soon as I get the new seat.

I'm lucky enough to be married to a Certified Safety Seat Technician/Fire Fighter :)

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Oh my gosh, the Chicco key fit 30 is almost $200 and it only goes to 30#.  Is a convertible seat a better value??  I am going to add a carseat to my registry and hope that someone gets one for me!  I need an infant carrier to use in the jogger stroller, but I don't know which one to use, and can't justify spening $200 on something that only is used in the stroller?  This is all so confusing for me....

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Yes, I am in the confused club too. :)


I just started researching carseats a couple of weeks ago -- up till now in my life, I have been blissfully ignorant of the differences between infant and convertible carseats!


When I first started the research, Chicco Keyfit looked great due to ease of installation and positive reviews. However, then I learned there is such a thing as convertible! :)


So then I decided to get a convertible seat - probably a Britax - and stuck it on my Target registry in hopes someone will spring for it. We'll be trying to do a lot of babywearing and being able to pull baby from carseat straight to stroller does not seem like a high priority for our particular lifestyle. Also we hate the idea of having to buy 2 carseats within 1 year, essentially.


Some additional googling revealed that the Britax basic model convertible at Target, though it says it is fine for 5 lb. babies, is considered by many to not really fit infants. The more expensive Britax convertible models have a $15 infant insert you can add to improve the fit. So my thought at this stage is to get the more expensive Britax at Target (or elsewhere) and buy the infant insert, and hope for the best!

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Consumer reports recommends using an infant car seat and then switching to a convertible when the child is bigger because infants fit better in the infant sized seats.  It may take your child a while to reach 30 pounds so you might get a lot of use out of it.  The Chicco is very highly rated.  Convertible car seats can be less expensive than the infant, less than $100.  You could also see what car seats fit in your jogger stroller.  A lot of them have adapters you can get to fit different seats onto them.  For me it seems worth it to get the infant because it will probably take up less room in the back seat when it is rear-facing than a convertible would, and it's probably safer because of the better fit.  When the baby is big enough for a convertible, they may only be rear-facing for a short time before we can turn them around and have more room for the front seats.

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We'll be trying to do a lot of babywearing and being able to pull baby from carseat straight to stroller does not seem like a high priority for our particular lifestyle.


I agree.  I plan on wearing baby in a sling as much as possible, and don't plan on keeping him in the infant carrier car seat more than I have to (other than using the stroller).

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We're also planning on babywearing. I'm really feeling that car seats are for cars and should not be used as strollers or portable infant sleeping devices. I realize that as a FTM this is probably a limited view, but it's a feeling I just can't shake. We've decided the money spent on a travel system is better invested in a few sling/carrier options, and then a nice umbrella stroller for when she's big enough. I'm hoping it works out ... It feels like the right choice for us.
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I probably won't be a FTM, but I share your view, GoGetumTiger! Due to our lifestyle, I'd rather invest in babywearing gear than a travel system. We are getting a Britax convertible carseat and an infant insert for it (just a $15 foam thingy that Britax sells to make infants fit better). We won't be driving the baby around much in first 3 months, I don't think. If worst comes to worst, and the Britax just doesn't fit our baby well when first born, my husband can go to Target and buy a Chicco infant carseat for us to get home from the hospital. I guess my point is that if we change our mind on the Britax, we can just go buy a Chicco. Not the most economical route, but a solution. 

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My first born was 8 and change pounds. He fit perfectly in our Britax boulevard (with infant insert). I carried him whenever he wasn't in the car. It was perfect for us.  A friend got us a Moby like wrap and this was my favorite for a long time. We started using an Ergo when he was bigger (the infant insert for this didn't feel right for me). A friend gave us our first stroller when he was nearly 2 years old. Even then I still carried him more often, but was grateful to have the stroller at that point. Though I find pushing the stroller actually hurts my back and neck after a while, so I encourage him to walk when it feels appropriate.


I highly recommend finding a resource for correct positioning and what not for baby wearing. Wearing the baby the right way will make a huge difference for you and the baby! Also finding somewhere to try different types of carriers is very helpful. Baby wearing was only ever uncomfortable when I did it wrong. I do not however have problems with my back, knees etc so not saying it is the right choice for everyone.

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I have the evenflow triumph car seat. The exact one linked to. My DD is still using it, but I also have the evenflo in the next size up for bigger kids that she's big enough for now and once I find my extra straps for it (it converts to a booster so I don't know where I put them), then I'll adjust the other one down for the newborn size. I used regular infant bucket seats with my other kids, but really, they outgrow them super fast and the seat doesn't really fit right in a shopping cart, especially when you have 3 other kids - 2 wanting to be in the cart, so I'll just carry baby in the carrier this time. And I don't have any of those bucket seats any more and see no reason to spend more money on stuff when I have something perfectly suitable to use. 

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