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Hi ladies,


So my doctor just put me on metformin and I was just wondering those who are taking it, if they had any side effects and what their success rate on getting pregnant. I'm hoping this will do the trick!

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I wasn't taking it to help with fertility, so no comments there.  However, I do have some side effect advice.  GI upset is very common with Metformin.  The first few months on Metformin were terrible for me.  I felt like I had constant morning sickness, I had diarrhea several times a day, etc.  It was terrible.  Now, I only take Metformin once a day, and I take it right before I go to bed.  That way, I can sleep through the worst of it.  If I wake up in the night though, I almost always feel nauseated.  I read online to take it with peanut butter, and it actually helps.  I'll eat a 1/2 piece of toast with peanut butter before taking Metformin, and that helps a lot.  Good luck!  

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I started taking it the cycle I conceived and I'm 19 weeks now.  I took it for fertility.  I didn't have any blood sugar issues.  My doctor recommended it after 8 unsucessful cycles.  We went to her to ask what else we could do and this is what she recommended.  I took it through the first trimester.  I did have diarrhea a few times.  I was constipated through a good part of the first trimester, and when I stopped taking it, I was fine.  I also lost a few pounds and noticed I had less of a craving for sweets. Those are good things.  My doctor advised me to avoid simple carbs like pasta and potatoes and sugar while taking it along with fried foods/fatty foods.  Good luck to you!

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I got pregnant with my last 2 babies while taking Metformin. I had little to no side effects but I think I remember my doctor advising me to lay off a lot of fried foods while taking it. With my first pregnancy on Metformin it took 4-5 cycles and with my daughter it took 3 cycles to get pregnant. My OB had me take Metformin through my first trimester of pregnancy.
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Thanks ladies for your replies. I am on day 3 now. The first 2 days I only took one pill and today and tomorrow I am up to 2 pills and then moving on to 3 pills a day. I do have some sugar problems since I had my son a year ago, so my doctor thinks this is a great choice for me right now. I haven't had really any symptoms except for major nausea, I think its worse then when I was pregnant with my son. As for everything else I am good.


I am hoping to lose a couple of pounds on this pill so keeping my fingers crossed that this is the trick!

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Hi ladies,

So my doctor just put me on metformin and I was just wondering those who are taking it, if they had any side effects and what their success rate on getting pregnant. I'm hoping this will do the trick!
Good luck on it! I took metformin before I was ever TTC because I had a doctor who was a moron and thought I needed it simply because I have pcos. I had terrible side effects from it that did not discontinue. Major nausea, major headaches, extreme fatigue. Just extremely uncomfortable. The side effects are supposed to wean after a couple of weeks though so I hope your side effects don't last and that it helps you TTC! I hope this also doesn't scare you or anything, just lets you know that these side effects are technically normal for the medication!
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Hi smile.gif my husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 3 years now with no success. August 2011 I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doc put me on metformin. I did get a period 2months after veing on it and then I would get one every 2 months after that. I was taking 2x500mg a day. It did not help me to get pregnant, but I still take it. I used to take it immediately after eating and in that way I had non of the side effects. You might want to try it like that?

From this month I started taking Metformin and Vitex and Folic Acid together. I'm hoping this helps for conception. I have read so many articles where woman have said they conceived with that combination. Here's hoping smile.gif Baby Dust to all smile.gif
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