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homebirth videos

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 I love to watch homebirth videos, and there are so many out there, all of them lovely.I found this one particularly lovely because they spend some time filming the bonding between mom and baby.



Do you have videos that you would like to share?

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I stunbled across this cite, and the videos were amazing - some of them are cut off short, but I'm sure it's because it was the Dad/Partner filming and they wanted to bond too.  There's a frank breech birth that is absolutely amazing!




The frank breech I got to see was "Aurorora"s" thtere are more there now too.

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Babysmurf, that site looks great. I'll be checking it out. 

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OMG I love watching these. I can't be the only one sitting here at my computer with tears streaming down my face!


I had a natural (well, some pitocin near the end, but that's it) birth in a hospital setting with DD and I'm hoping to go the same route this time (sans pitocin.) I don't think the hospital near me has birthing tubs, but I'd love to try a water birth. I spent a lot of my first labor in the shower with steaming hot water pounding on my back, and it felt amazing. Of course, the shower head positioner was broken, so DH had to stand holding the stream of water so that it hit my back just right, poor guy was getting blasted in the face with hot steam, and trying to shield himself from the water by draping the shower curtain between himself and me. A tub labor sounds like a much better experience! lol

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Yes, I just start sobbing as soon as I hear any type of labor noise...dh laughs his butt off, so I usually try not to watch when he is around.
The hospital we will deliver at has a birthing tub and I seriously *hope* that no one else is using it when we go in!
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