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confused by fertility friends ovulation date

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hi everyone,
im looking for a little advice, i think this link should go to my chart for this month

My Ovulation Chart

my question is coukd anyone tell me why ff says i ovulated on day
17???? i would of put it at day 16, if it was indeed 17 the "session" on day 18 may have a chance but the 16 th would put us out. any ideas???

thanks x
if the link doesnt work im really wondering if ovulation would be the day of temo drop or the day after?

36,1 day 15
36,1 day16---35,8 day17---- 36,1 day 18----36,2 today---- 36. 5
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It's just a screen shot of the chart so I can't see the days closely enough but I think it's probably right. Could have been the day before, but it often puts ov at the day after a big dip. Same thing with my chart this month. I think I probably ov'd overnight between the two days, so that could be the issue for you as well. Solid lines means FF is pretty sure.


If you go to "Sharing" at the top of the main page, click on Get Codes, and then paste the first link, it should work. 


Here's mine from this month for reference: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d79cf



I can't see, which days did you DTD? Any days leading up to CD 16/17?

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My Ovulation Chart

thankyou! no other times of importance as my husband was out of town the week before. your chart looks just like mine, so do you think ff hss the date right?
thanu for replying
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maybe we have a chance???
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I think FF is probably right for me. I think I probably ov'd in the wee hours on Saturday, or overnight on Friday. So it's just about right. Probably the same for you.


The egg can hang around for 12-24 hours so it's possible! FX for you!

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a temp dip this morning and ff has decided i didnt ovulate at all!!!!! sooo confused now greensad.gif
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Looks like you got the CH back this morning! That's good. I think that lower temp yesterday just threw things off but it sure looks like you ovulated. Just a while longer until you can test! Come on over to the  2WW thread to wait with us if you want!

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I think the O date is right.  I often have a dip right on O day but not always.  The reason FF placed it on day 17 is that the day 17 temp is still matching your other pre-O temps, making it the last day in that range.  Day 16 would have been right if the day 17 temp had been higher.  (Try plugging it at maybe 36.3 and see if it changes your day, although CM days may affect it too.  I sometimes have tinkered with "what-ifs" just to see what FF does by plugging in other numbers and seeing how it responds.  You can change it back after of course smile.gif  )


If all your pre-O temps had been lower-- around 35.8, the same as the dip temp then day 17 would have been higher than them all, making O a day earlier.  FF determines O by looking at several temps in the pre=O part not just the low dip and the next day.  The coverline is supposed to be at about that average, actually.


Based on temps alone Day 18 is even possible since 17 is still lowish compared to other early temps.  That would increase your chances.  But even with day 17 I agree that O day BD can be successful because the egg lasts approximately 24 hours.

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thankyou smile.gif its crazy some people seen to getpregnant almost by blinking and here u am obsessing over a few hours arggghhhhh

will keep u posted!
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just to let anyone who may have been in the same situation -
not this month greensad.gif
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hug2.gif I'm sorry this wasn't the month.
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