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Oh, DH!

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Argh! I was happily in a nesty mood today and after organizing the diapers I just bought, I was greatly looking forward to getting the box of old newborn clothes out of the attic so that I could see what we had in there.  DS and the kids I inherited his clothes from were all born in the winter, but I *know* there are some short sleeved things there too.  But I need to know how much I can buy!! I wasn't worried because I had organized all of the boxes in the attic and put them in reverse order so that what we would need first would be up front.  AND I made sure there was room for new stuff. Well, apparently DH cleaned out one of our "spare" rooms (you know the ones where junk accumulates?) and instead of organizing it and fining a place for the stuff like he said he would, he just piled it up right in front of the attic stairs.  And the pile is high!! I can't even reach the newborn clothes!!!


Argh, DH!!!! Now I HAVE to buy stuff to fulfill my nesty urge instead of going through the old baby clothes!

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Well..... there are perks to getting to buy more new stuff for the babe....and if DH complains then you've got a great excuse! thumb.gif 

I've got 5 kiddos worth of baby clothes ahead of this babe stored up so I doubt we'll be needing anything new. Unless it's a girl ......winky.gif

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Yes I could use a shovel for my house too. Need to go through DS closet and reverse order things too. But want to wash. Want to hold out for hanging on line weather. But that sounds so attainable unlike some of my other projects.
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Yes, there is definitely a big disparity between what I would like do get done and what will actually get done!
Mothering › Groups › June 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Oh, DH!