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ICI at home?

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Hi, I am looking to have another child and dh doesn't have sperm anymore so we are having to do use a donor.  I am pretty sure I want to use xytex (any thoughts with them?) and we are considering ordering 2 vials and doing the first month from home.  We would ask for highest motility counts and reported pregnancies.  Does anyone have any experience going this route?


I don't think I will need fertility enhancers as I have always conceived naturally with out meaning to- iow- #1 and oops, #2 first time dh and I "were friendly" and #3 pregnancy (though it was a miscarriage) I was still nursing dd2 exclusively and hadn't started my cycles back, ds is the only planned child and I conceived him 2 months after my miscarriage and my cycles had reregulated.


I am 32, so I am planning on going to my gyno and having a workup done and checking hormone levels, getting an us, etc.  I am charting my cycle- daily temps, cervix checks, cm checks, etc. I am taking fertilitea, maca root (I also have a thyroid disease and this is supposed to help but got preggo with the disease before I knew I had it), and trying to eat higher fat dairy. Is there anything else I am missing or should think about? Is doing this from home a dumb idea?? I really can't afford to throw away money if it is not a good idea. 


I really appreciate any input.  This has become my obsession lately (darn bio clock!) and want to get it right.  It is a joke with dh and I right now because we are not even trying to start until April or May lol.  

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Hi, it sounds like you have a pretty good plan. We got pregnant at home just like you're suggesting, so I wouldn't call it throwing money away. I liked getting pregnant in my own home, but for our last one, I also liked knowing our timing was perfect because of the ultrasound and trigger shot. There's good stuff either way.
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so I almost wonder if after the first month if at home doesn't work move onto iui with trigger?


eta- there is so much to think about and I just worry that I am not making the right choice, you know. I just don't know if I could take heart ache- I tend to worry... a lot! And never feel comfortable with a pregnancy until I see my live baby in my arms.  

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I'm moving this post to TTC as it's not related to queer parenting. Anyone with ICI experience and/or success stories that they would like to share with this member is encouraged to head over to the thread in TTC to post about their experiences.

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