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Giant boobs / Back Pain

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So I've always had pretty sizable mams, but they have doubled since I've been pregnant.  I'm only three months along and for the better part of this week the weight of them has been enough to cause a terrible pain in the upper back, right between the shoulder blades (mostly on the left side - and yes, lefty is bigger).  I'm certainly not excited about six more months of thus-far out of control breast-growth followed by a year and then some of breast feeding with this sort of discomfort.

Has any one else dealt with this and come up with some solutions?  Or have big enough girls to have to deal with back pain from them in general?  Or are there secret methods to get them to not grow quite so zealously?? Two of my aunts have had breast reductions because of back pain related to our genetically massive chests - I haven't had it that bad until now.  Not fun.  How does one deal with this?

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I'm sorry you are feeling so miserable.  Are they uncomfortable when you're sleeping or mostly during the day?  Have you bought new bras?  I suspect I am smaller than you as I do not have back pain, but I was getting uncomfortable and I recently bought new bras several sizes up and I feel much better. Perhaps massage, yoga, and/or chiropractic might help too to get the muscles and spine ready for all the changes your body is going through.   

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one of my large breasted friends would double up on sports bras for support and to ease back pain. Not sure if it would work but it's worth a shot. In my case, I shrank a lot after weaning my first (used to be a D, now a B when not pregnant), maybe you have that to look forward too down the road?

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I did buy a couple of new sports bras that feel EXTRA snug - I usually don't enjoy tight clothing of any kind, but I've enjoyed them quite a bit as they don't let my boobs move around at all (and hence tug on my back muscles).  Going up and down the stairs was becoming a nightmare!  The back issue has subsided for now somewhat, but I am fairly certain this is going to be an on-again-off-again thing as my breasts are still expanding before my very eyes!  I think if things get too out of hand, I will try the doubling up on sports bras thing - I actually did that a lot when I was about 14, because I was so busty and definitely the victim of quite a bit of bullying.  Two sports bras, some duct tape and many an over-sized flannel hid my prematurely womanly figure rather well - it would be hilarious if it came down to that once more!

And, oh, I would love to come out of this in the end a B cup!  That would just be a dream come true!  I've never been a huge fan of these chest adornments.  They're quite cumbersome!

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Pre pregnancy I was a 38 E and my biggest fear going into pregnancy was my breasts, as crazy as that sounded to many people around me. They already strained my back quite a bit and the idea of them possibly doubling made me want to cry. But I feel fortunate so far because it hasn;t been as bad as I thought and am actually embracing the change. I freaked out at 14 weeks because I had to go buy new bras, I had outgrown all my old ones and had to go to a 40 F. But miraculously they haven't grown noticebly since then. Those bras I got still fit great. I'm 26 weeks so I know theres a chance they will still grow and then theres the whole milk thing. So theres a chance your having a growth spurt now and they will not continue to get huge. Hopefully. When I did have that major change which happened between 10-14 weeks I saw the chiropractor weekly and it changed my life, I couldn't be pregnant without her. For lower back and upper back pain, if I see her weekly I'm comfortable. Many chiropractors that work with pregnant clients are willing to negotiate price, mine did.

Good luck

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Maybe you'll completely luck out (like I did).  I went into this pregnancy an E cup or so, within 4 months was a K cup, but no back pain...  Normally, my back is always sore, but this pregnancy it just hasn't been.  I'm hoping you might find this, too, after all, I can't be the only one!

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