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Morning/all day sickness

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When did it start for you, & how do you cope?

I am 5 weeks today and I felt incredibly queasy all afternoon.
I just spent the last 20 minutes in the bathroom (power vomiting & cleaning up because it came on so fast and powerful that i could not get the toilet seat up in time...Sorry for the details).
I do not remember vomiting so much ( or so intensely ) & was wondering if it might be due to a strain of the flu that is going around??? Or has 'all day' sickness reared her head?
I am still incredibly nauseous ....and sipping on ginger tea.
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weeks 5 and 6 were the worst for me. carsickness and all-day nausea. i ate hard candies to get the barfing urges under control. in week 7, i have had a lower grade nausea in the afternoons, but i think i am getting better at eating more protein and more regularly. i also added B6 supplements at my OB's recommendation, but i don't know if it's actually helping. 

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I'm 8 and a half weeks now, and I get nausea all day, but I'm really lucky because I'm never actually sick. I am starting to get more food aversions though, and I also really struggle to take my prenatals.

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I'm at 8 weeks now and have been having all day nausea for the last couple of weeks. Very tired of it. Not vomiting just enough nausea to interrupt my daily flow. That paired with the fatigue (also caused by getting a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago), the food aversions, and the crankiness, I've been a barrel full of laughs lately. In just the last few days I've actually been having good days and bad days. Considering a for a while they were just bad days I'm grateful for the good days. Although I'm still super cranky. I hope the nausea ebbs soon. I'm having my first midwife appointment this afternoon and I can't wait. We decided to make the general announcement after we get the all clear from this appointment and I'm tired of not being able to tell anyone. Especially when I spend my whole day at work feeling queasy. 

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mpmckinney; you sound exactly like me. The nausea is just so tedious! I can't wait until I'm 12 weeks when I can hopefully start feeling better.

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Oh me too!  I truly hope this isn't one of those whole pregnancy being queasy things. I really wanted to try to enjoy this pregnancy more than my last and I am NOT off to a good start here. 

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This pregnancy is the most queasy that I have felt with all three pregnancies.  My other pregnancies I would describe as feeling "seasick" but this one has had some close calls that were only avoided by QUICK! LET ME EAT SOME DRY CEREAL! or distraction by TV.  I have emetophobia, so the fear of vomiting kind of interrupts my daily life anyways because I really try to act cool about norovirus germs so that my kids don't think I am a freak.


Did any of you have worse or different "morning" sickness with a pregnancy and have that pregnancy be a different gender or twins or something?  I feel like I might be having a boy this time just because this pregnancy is so much different than my girls' ones were.

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I was very nauseous all day with my first pregnancy. Things that helped me then were ginger capsules and Sea Bands. I also ate something before getting out of bed each day.  It made it tolerable most days - the Sea Bands were the biggest help.  Somewhere along the line I read about milk thistle, and took that for a few months before each of the last two pregnancies including this one, and I haven't had much nausea with either one (even though it seems for many women, the nausea gets worse with each pregnancy).  I'm sold on it. There's some interesting info about it in the hypermesis gravadium (sp) thread on the main pregnancy board - has worked for many women, hasn't worked for some. The key seems to be taking it for a while before getting pregnant, but some found relief after a few days when starting to take it in early pregnancy.


My first was a boy, and second girl. Would be interesting if this was a girl too, though it's more likely to be a boy based on when I conceived.

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I had severe nausea/vomiting with my first. Nothing helped. I ended up having a boy. But with my second, nothing more then some queasiness and a carsick feeling. The big differences for me this time in my habits are that I eat WAY WAY more protein and I regularly started taking big doses of B vitamins, both several weeks before finding out about the pregnancy, and both things are said to relieve MS from my nurse friend. It doesn't help the exhaustion coming upon me, but I am surprised how little nausea I have this time. Maybe a different baby sex, or maybe my body is different...I don't know. Hope it passes for you soon.
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